Short Stories

You’ve Got A Friend In Me is a short story written

By Mrs Daggitt:You’ve Got a Friend In Me


A Special Day

By Mrs Ball:A-Special-Day


Who’s Coming for Tea

By Mrs Horsfield:Who’s Coming for Tea


My Unicorn

By Mrs Wheeldon:My Unicorn


A Bear’s Adventure

By Sally Revell:Beryl-the-Bear


Pollie Pooh

By Miss Lewis:Pollie


Mix Up Disco

By Mrs Sanderson:Disco Story



By Mrs White:Toby


A New Friend

By Miss Goforth:A New Friend


Toy Story

By Miss Codd:Toy Story


Big Bad Bull

By Mrs Symington:Big Bad Bull


The Tiger who came to Mrs. Wright’s for Tea!

By Mrs Wright: Tiger


Rabbit School

By Miss Broadley: Rabbit School


Winnie the Pooh

By Mrs Benson:Winnie-the-Pooh


Mr Funky Monkey and his Friends

By Mrs Butler:Funky Monkey



By Mrs Codd:Bloomin-Marvellous


Teddy’s Day At School!

By Mrs  Young:Love


Stich and Angel

By Jo Smith:Stitch


Bonkers and Tim and the Pocket Hug

By Mrs Hairsine:Pocket Hug

Betsie’s Great Adventure 
By Mrs Byford:Betsie’s Adventure


Ralph’s Great Escape

By Mrs Tomlinson: Ralph’s-Great-Escape



By Mrs Reaney:Hamish


Wizard Mickey’s Party

By Mrs Parker:Wizard-Mickey’s-Party


The Easter Bunny and the Naughty Chick

By Miss Harrison:The-Easter-Bunny-and-the-Naughty-Chick


The Cuddly Heroes

By Miss Huckstep:The Heroes


Adventures of Fantastic Fred 

By Miss Mckay:Fantastic Fred



By Miss-Fearn:Grumppump


The story of Camille the Camel

By Miss Klinc:Camille the Camel


The Adventure Of Spoony

By Miss Taylor:Spoony


Luca and the Lost Letter

By Miss Luke:Luca


Pinky The Flamingo – The Mystery Of The Missing Headteacher

By Miss Nicholls:Flamingo


Three Bears and Hglocks

By Miss Cook :The Three Bears


Robbie Green the Fitness Bear

By Miss Byford: Robbie Green


Pikachu and the Missing Pasta

By Mrs Bowness:Pikachu


Ted’s Terrific Test

By Miss Frankland: Ted’s Test


Bruce’s Adventures

By Sharon Jubb:Bruce


Animal Adventure

By Mrs Waterson:Animals


The Adventures of Superdog

By Miss Smith:Superdog


Bertie Gets Fit!

By Mrs Dibnah:Bertie Gets Fit


The Mystery Of The Lost Treasure

By Miss Foster:Short Story


A Furry Tale

By Mr Curtis:A Furry Tale


Tedwood Bakes a Cake

By Mrs Johnson:Ted


Billy Banana’s Adventure

By Mrs Spencer:Billy Banana