Ava H. Fantastic Phonics!
Theo O. Super reading.
Mathew M. Player of the week (Rugby).
Mathew M. Player of the week medal. (Rugby).

Year 1

Cole S. Excellent effort
Nyla O. Super handwriting and always helpful in the class.
Jack H. All round super star. Achieved trainer of the week in football and rugby.

Year 2

Eliza. Medals and certificates for Rugby and Dancing.
Tommy S. Excellent handwriting.
Noah. Superb handwriting and phonics.

Year 3

Cayson H.B. Fantastic Geography knowledge about the rainforest
Jayden F. Fantastic handwriting and great effort with his work.
Livia M. British Gymnastics proficiency certificates and badges
Livia M. 100% attitude to her work and helping others.

Year 4

Annabelle S. Showing great endurance with all work.
Amelia C. Super maths work.
Ollie. Super all round effort.

Year 5

Aidan E. Excellent progress in swimming.
Jenson K. Excellent RE work.
Charlie Q. Excellent progress in swimming.

Year 6

Joseph R. Great attitude to learning.
Dylan S. Super division skills. No photograph.

Tommy T. Great writing. No photograph.