Bertie Rogerson. (Y3)

Awarded the ‘Libby’s Medal’

‘The Spirit of Love’

He is a brave, caring young man. His mum and all at St. Andrew’s are very proud of him.

Well done Bertie.


Cohban Taylor. Superb pencil control.
Georgie Watson. Huge effort in reading.
Jacob Poppleton. Good handwriting in all subjects.

Year 1

Y1LB. Amazing attitude 1st week back at school.
Eli Leake. Fantastic attitude in all his work.
Theo Navarro. Super attitude and excellent spellings.

Year 2

Savannah Kopertowska. All round great effort especially in reading.
Avarna-Rae Whitaker. Excellent effort with phonics and reading.
Joey D. Joey raised £383.83 for Dove House by holding a collection in Beverley
Eliza S. Great work on dragons.
Amerali Alkhalaf. Fantastic Drawings
Amerali’s drawings.

Year 3

Noah Whitaker. Brilliant maths work.
Mary Jane Woods. Fantastic chocolate factory description.
Riley Cundle. Amazing Willie Wonka drawing.

Year 4

Layla Elliot. Brilliant dragon description.
Emily Taylor. Super handwriting.
Emily Taylor. Super handwriting.

Year 5

Lily M. Amazing handwriting.
Jenson Kataria. Excellent research on space.
Alexis Spivey and Annabelle Cusby. Excellent maths work.

Year 6

Tristan G. Super effort.
Alex M. Amazing maths work.
Tyler W. and Alex Dixon. Great discussion work in reading.