Sharing Assembly 5th May 2023

Maisie Kemp – Super attitude to all learning, Lea Wedgner – East Hull Under 9s Player of the Match, Mohammed Alkhalaf – Super progess in Phonics, Amerali Alkhalaf – Really good at Maths, Zayna Acquaye – Exellent all round effort, Rhian Queen, Luke Queen and Jaxon Queen (3 siblings) – All have settled in well at St. Andrew’s Primary.

Alex Bower – Excellent writing, Evelyn Dyble – Super effort in Writing, Remy Herdsman – Parents Player of the Match, Prentiss Chiwandzo – Player of the Match (Rugby), Riley Clarkson – Player of the Match (football) and Tommy Gunstead – Rugby tournament medal.

William Gellatly-Nicholls – Football medals, Kajetan Szydlowski – Priory Cheetahs Player of the Match, Jacob Butler – Excellent progess in Phonics, Lily Klopockak – excellent effort in Hand Writing and Emilia Tylinska – Superb progress with writing.

George Taylor – Being a superstar!, Hope Mowforth – Amazing writing and Albie Zemrani – Super Maths work.

Hope Mowforth with a sample of her amazing writing.

Jack Hall, Lily Philips, Layla Elliott, Bailey Fewstar, George Burton and Ella Hardy.

Lilly Taylor – Pen Licence presentation.

Scarlett Bailey – Pen Licence presentation.

Theo Thompson – Myton Warriors A.R.L.C Player of the Match and rugby medals.

Cartwheel Challenge

Zac Parker who challenged Mrs Dibnah to perform a cartwheel.

Mrs Dibnah performed a cartwheel for Zac’s challenge.