Sharing Assembly 4th April 2023

Lacey Wilson – Great effort in Maths, Hayden Carter & Frank Wells – Super Extended Writing, Summer Phillips – Dance Trophy and Gustas Gecas – Excellent Maths.

Max McDonald – Congratulations on receiving his Rock Hero, Times Tables Rock Stars, certificate. Rock Hero equals answering questions in less than 1 secound per question., Ferne Fewlass – Working so hard to improve her Bus Stop scores!, Frank Wells – Hull City signed shirt, William Storr – Esperanza FC Player of the Match, Noah Dawson – Wishing Noah all the best for his future as he embarks on a new journey, Macauley Makinder – A warm welcome to Macauley as he starts his new journey at St. Andrew’s Primary School, Theo Navarro – Great all-round effort and Emilie Troughton – A big improvement to reading.

Daniel Stamp – Football medal, Evie Linguard – Super effort in Maths, Harrison Penn – Rugby Trophy, Brooke Noonan – Ballroom Dancing Trophy, Leyla Elliott – Football Trophy, Lily Phillips Dance competition, Zack Parker Football & Gymnastics Trophies and Morgan Walker – Awarded Premier Soccer skills medal.

Sinead – Swimming 5 metres certificate, Holly Wells – Football Medal, Darcey Parker – Great History work, Joshua Clubley – Great work in every subject, Archie Wilson and Isaac Gregory – Kingswood Knights Rugby League joint Player of the Match Trophy.

Poppy Binns – Footoball awards.

Freddie Cooper – Football Trophey.