Sharing Assembly

Teddy Leaning – Brilliant independent writing.

Hayden Hume – Great effort in handwriting, Prince Daley – Super writing!, Dennis Mutu – Awarded Young Authors’ Champion Certificate and Georgie Watson – Super effort in Phonics.

Oliver Staplehurst – Fantastic attitude and effort in Maths, Rory Murray – East Hull RL Under 7s Trainer of the Week and Jack Brooke – Great effort in improving his handwriting.

Lily Mitchell and Isabelle Crocker – Awarded Young Authors’ Champion Certificate.

Tia-Rose Day – Brilliant effort in her Maths, Lily Phillips -Earned her half marathon wrist band and Harley McGowan – Great effort with his spellings.
Renerl Saldo – Fantastic effort and attitude and Mary-Jane Woods – Awarded Young Authors’ Champion Certificate.

Amelia Raettig – Kingswood U10s Football Trophy.

Zachary Keogh – Great effort in his writing.

Fred Ogle – Great effort in his diary writing.

Nancy Whiteley – Great fractions work and Thomas Griffin – Awarded his Pen Licence.

Alex Waterson – Excellent effort in reading.

Ellie Parker – All round superstar and Ella Hardy – Super detail in her story writing.

Annabelle Sample – Great work in producing a Space Timeline and Pixie Thompson – Awarded Young Authors’ Champion Certificate.

Isabelle Hooley – Awarded her Pen Licence.