Elijah Peat. Made a wonderful start to his journey at St. Andrew’s.
Lucas Sanderson. Fantastic work at home.

Year 1

Theo Thompson. Football trainer of the week.
Ellis Elliott. Rugby trainer of the week.

Arian Nasari and Leo Rice. Super effort in phonics and reading.

Zack Dudding and Ned Muncie. Excellent maths work.

Year 2

Joey Day. Making bouncy balls at home (Science).
Sienna Briggs. Improvement in writing.
Carson Chung and Ava Boldy. Fantastic castle report writing.

Y2HM learning how to play the glockenspiel.

Click on the following link to watch ‘I Want to Play in a Band’ (Y2HM)

Year 3

Harrison Smirk. Star player in his football match scoring two amazing goals.

Year 4

Eva Miller. A super explanation on how to care for a dragon.

Year 5

Alfie Busby. Amazing maths work.
Charlie Quest. Great inference skills.
Halle. Halle’s first boxing spar.

Year 6

Gracie Cooper. Super persuasion work in English.
Lara-Rose Poucher. Work in maths and English.
Teagan Hodgson. 3rd place gymnastics medals