Sharing Assembly 28th April 2023

Seth Bowles – Excellent presentation in writing. Ellis Elliott – Myton Player of the Match, Diego Lawless – Great description in Extended Writing, Zara Cotton and Eva Bottomley – Hull United Football Tournament Trophy.

Lailah Kemp and Alex Waterson – Good knowledge about Islam and Oscar Janney – Great effort in Extended Writing.

Elizabeth Hall, Isacc Brusby, Isobelle Hall, Lylah Meyerhoff, Annabelle Crosbie, Eva Walker.

Evelyn Howard, Zackary Kipling, Emily Cross, Albie Zemrani.

A special congratulations went to Mrs Treston-Waller (Y5) who completed the London Marathon on Sunday 23rd April 2023.

Mrs Treston-Waller brought into St. Andrew’s sharing assembly her finishing medal to show the children.

Mrs Treston-Waller decided to fundraise for the Born Free Foundation and explained the reason behind her choice:

‘Having lived in South Africa, I have been able to appreciate the majestic lives of the animals many of which are now at risk. I don’t want to tell children in the future what an elephant looked like because there are none left!’

You can donate to Mrs Waller’s JustGiving page by clicking on the JustGiving logo: