Sharing Assembly 26th May 2023

Gustas Gecas – Young Authors’ Champion Certificate, Poppy Leaming – Dancer of the Week Trophy, Holly Colby – International Dance Teachers’ Association (IDTA) Dancing Rosettes and Certificates and Emily Cross – Octopus 2 Swimming Certificate.

Renz Kassim – Trainer of the Week, Jaxon – Making amazing progress, Lexie Solca – Aspire Dance Academy Dancer of the Week, Archie Pallister – Martial Arts Orange & White Stripe Belt, Kacie Doyle – Amazing Effort and Corey Taylor – Super Phonics.

Year 1 – Phonics Champion Certificates.

Eden Beck & Darcie Beck – Football medals, Arian Nasari – Great effort designing and constructing a kite in Design and Technology (D&T), Lewis J – Great effort in Maths, Sinead – Amazing artwork produced at home, George-Ward Dillion – Myton Warriors Best Player of the Day Leeds Rhinos Weekend and Ellis Elliott – Myton Warriors Rugby Trophy.

Isobelle Hall, Scarlett-Rose Clarkson, Daisie Benge and Daisy Cummings – Leading today’s Phase 2 Hymn.

Amber Blampey – Dance certificate, Lucsienna Hodgson – Great all-round effect, Benedict Blanchard – Great writing, Leo Wedgner – Rugby Trophy, Mathild Bough – Latin Certificate , Isla O’Donnell – Football Trophies and Holly Waudby – Dance Star of the Week.

Joey Young & Summer-Rose Phillips – Both making a superb Roman shield in Design and Technology (D&T), Chase Porter – Rugby medal, Lily Phillips & Diola Oriowo – Helping their teacher and being kind to their peers and Brody Silvester – Rugby Player of the Match.

Eva Kelly – Young Authors’ Champion Certificate – No photograph

Annabelle Crosbie – Gymnastic award, Tyler Grannon -Bravery returning to school early after breaking his collar bone and Emily Cooper – Great writing this week.

Max Wilson – Excellent Rayan headdress design and evaluation, George Thomson – West Hull Rugby Player of the Week, Layla Elliott -Great writing and Ruby Sanderson – Settled well at St. Andrew’s Primary School.

Lailah Kemp and Milly Thompson – Awarded their Pen License.

Brooke Wardby – Presented with a Pen License.

Pippa Nolan, Zack Parker, George Hall and Savannah Kopertowska – Leading today’s Phase 3 Hymn.

Sonny Houghton, Zayna Acquaye and Jack Nicholson.