Left to Right
Arthur D., Lily K., Emily H. and Sidney H. Super independent writing.

Year 1

Left to Right
Tia-Rose D. and Dolly H. Excellent computing work. Joey D. Super Phonics.
Betsy N. Fantastic imagination and story language.
Alana. Good listening skills
Joey Y. reading the pray in Year 1’s assembly.

Year 2

Left to Right
Lucsienna H. Super reading. Amber B. and Leo W. Great English work. Grace C. Excellent reading. Bertie. Super English work
Noel H. reading the pray in Year 2’s assembly.

Year 3

Left to Right
Jacob B. Hard work and determination with his spellings. Chelsea C. Excellent time telling in Maths. Ember S. Excellent all-round effort. Martha L. Extra work at home.

Year 4

Freddy S. Times table class champion. Layla G. Super effort with her times tables.
Ethan S. Excellent attitude towards all of his work, especially his times tables.

Year 5

Left to Right
Humza A. Super work in maths, scoring Gold in his most recent bus stop.
Jesscia F. Great arithmetic score in her maths. Liliana B. Great work in Science.
Left to Right
Y5KN Pen licences: Lily H., Theia S., Liliana B. and Lily D.
Y6CB Pen licences: Archie B. and Isabella J.

Year 6

Mela T. Great cycling skills.
Y6RW class. Great bikeability skills developed.
Harry G. Super cycling effort.