Sharing Assembly


Joshua Stubbs and Teddy Leaning – Super phonics with great knowledge of all sounds.

Year 1

Isaac Gregory – Rugby trainer of the week.
Joey (Y1) and Georgie (Y2) Overton – Both super stars giving excellent all-round effort before emigrating to Australia.      Skyla Porter – Super effort all-round and has written some lovely prayers.

Year 2

Ned Muncie – Fantastic story writing and writing stamina.
Oliver North – Excellent all-round effort.

Year 3

Pixie Cotton – Dancer of the week trophy.          Albert Mutu – Parents Player of the Match.
Brody Silvester – Myton Warriors Rugby Man of Steel.

Year 4

Fern Conley – Super effort with her handwriting.     Kiana Daley – Gymnastics medals.
Daisy Cummings – Aspire Club Dancer of the week.
Kajetan Szydlowski – Premier Soccer Football Skills Trophy.   Charlie Purvis – Excellent Maths work.

Year 5

Sophia Brown – Excellent all-round attitude.      Zayna Acquaye – Meeting Mr Curtis’ spelling challenge.
Eva Oriowo and Pixie Thompson – Super work, collaboration and work attitude in maths.
Y5RW – Celebrating Culture:- Excellent country presentation on Mexico.

Year 6

Anna-Sofia Baker-Cortes. Brilliant football skills. Invited to the Hull City Girls Development Centre.