Left to Right
Ned M. Excellent picture/map of his environment. Kaleb S. Super independent sentence.
Marnie H. Excellent hard work in spellings. Alissia B. Super sentence writing.
Sinead P. Super star.

Year 1

Left to Right
Alana for trying hard in Phonics and Joey Y. Super phonics and maths work.
Iyla S. Always putting 100% into every lesson.
Zak H.Joining a football team! and Kristian B. Rugby player of the match and of the week!

Year 2

Left to Right
Jack L. Trying really hard with speech. Jayden B. Counted in French in front of all his friends. 
Marcus A. Excellent handwriting and Oscar L. Super extended writing.
Sonny H. Super geography work.

Year 3

Left to Right
Ethan H. Rugby man of the match. Jake T. Great effort with his geography work. Alfie N. Rugby man of the match. 
 Fletcher N. A super piece of artwork, made with his mum and dad.
Cody S. 100% effort in all subjects.
 Fletcher’s artwork,

Year 4

Millie T. Super WW2 presentation and Phoebe: Great effort in Times Table Rock Stars.

Charlie: Great times tables test score.

Year 5

Pen Licenses

Left to Right
Ellie-Mae F., Esmee B., Ava C., Rubee M., Ryan D., Hannah L., Lola F. and Issac D


Left to Right:
Oliver B. Super Science & Bee knowledge when celebrating World Bee Day.
Max S. Challenging himself by completing Year 6 Maths work.
David R. and Isaac D. Excellent DT skills

Year 6

Pen Licenses

Eden C., Freya H., Scarlett H., Ben C., Archie G., Isla H., and Jessica C.
Claire O (no picture).


Left to Right.
Eva L. Super effort and attitude in all her work.
Jessica C. Super assessment results.
Macie W. Fabulous work with great effort in handwriting.