Lucas Hodgson. Fantastic writing.
Olivia Dobson. Great reading
Isabelle Raettig. Fantastic phonics.

Year 1

Sinead Peterson. Excellent writing.
Jesse Dibnah. Super writing

Year 2

Diola (No Photograph). Fantastic work on renewable energy.
Eva Kelly and Lily Mitchell. For challenging themselves to complete Gold target work.

Year 3

Fern Conley. Amazing dividing work.
Grace Chaytor. Super maths and excellent effort.

Year 4

Ivy-Lily Buckle. Super handwriting.

Y4LTB Class. For making excellent finger puppets.

Beau G. Super achievements in extra curricular activities.

Year 5

Dylan Vass. Star of PE.
Tommy Gunstead. Excellent effort in Maths.
Skylah Houghton. Amazing English.

Year 6

Thomas Derrick. Super maths and writing work.
Nicolas Wasinski. Super writing.
Talisha Cotton (No photograph). Super persuasion work in English.