Sharing Assembly 19th May 2023

Sienna Briggs – Running medal for completing a 12K run, Freya Dixon – Player of the Match (Football), Brooke Noonan – Ballroom Dance trophy, Farrell Tinker- Player of the Match, Prince Daley – Stage 1 Swimming Certificate, Isaac Coult – Great writing instructions on making a bee bath, Eva miller – Great attitude to learning and amazing Maths, Abel Smith – Great imaginative sentences in his writing & has also learned to ride his bike at home and Tylor Grannon – Excellent version of his own Psalm 8.

Noah Whittaker – Super effort with his Maths work, Annabelle Sample – Swimming Badge, Charley Stephenson – Horse Riding Rosettes, Rory Murry – Certificate & medal for Tremendous effort and dedication playing for East Hull RLC Under 7’s in Leeds Rhino’s Challenge 2023, Jacob Bower – Rugby Trophy, Jensen Sims – Super effect with writing a description of a beach and Logan Myers – A big improvement in writing.

Pixie-Mae Cotton – Great all round star, Florence Mortimer – Excellent Phonics work, William Storr – Great attitude to school after sustaining a rugby injury, Kiana Daley – Swimming certificate, Isabelle Raettig – Super creative writing and Archie Wilson – Rugby Player of the Match trophy and superb creative writing.

Bailey Anderson (No photograph) – Great team work when dissecting a flower.

Jesse Hammond – Super effort in writing.

Annabelle Sample, Elsa Klein, Sienna Phillips, George Hall, Constance Barber, Jacob Butler and Thabiso Tamora.

Logan Mickman, Annabelle Sample and Scarlett Briggs – Presented with their Pen Licence.