Sharing Assembly

Morgan Walker – Excellent effort in writing.
Cohban Taylor – Settling well into year 1 and super all-round effort.
Ava Harrison – Super writing.
Ryan Lahiji – Great listening skills and fantastic work.
Emily Janowska – Great effort and amazing presentation.
Scarlett Bayes – Times Tables Rockstars Certificate. Increasing her speed with her time tables.
Leo Hattersley – Excellent hand writing.
Matilda Myers – Working hard in every subject and always trying her best in everything.
Marnie Green – Amazing start in Y3.
Kajetan Szydłowski and Larsson Hankins – both have made a wonderful start to their new school lives at St Andrew’s school.
William Nicholls – Amazing drawing of Queen Elizabeth II
Jacob Bower – Super effort in Maths and settling into Y5 really well.
Archie Gallagher – Working hard in every lesson.
Diego Lawless – Super effort in all lessons.
Lacey Hartley – Lovely thoughtful message of condolence to Queen Elizabeth II.
Constance Barber – Super attitude to Maths and writing.
Misia Szydłowska, Jake Larter, Emily Cooper and James May.