Left to Right: Theodore. Super star in PE.               Alice S. Star of the week in her football team.
Cohban T. Great effort in PE.       Jesse H. Great Phonics work.       Kate S. Super Phonics.
Alice S. Star of the week in her football team. Certificate and trophy.

Year 1

Left to Right: Maisie G-C. Excellent effort in English.          Emily H. Super Poetry.
Emily H. Excellent effort and super presentation.

Year 2

Left to Right: Chase P. Excellent effort in writing.                                Evelyn and Mila. Great effort in Phonics
Tia-Rose D. Super effort in writing.
Lily P. A great musical recital performed on an electrical keyboard.
Lily’s musical recital.

Year 3

Left to Right: Jake S. Excellent effort in maths. and Elliott H. Football trophy.
Riley L. Trying hard to walk independently after breaking his leg.
Oliver. Super Writing, including story telling.

Year 4

Elsa S. and Ellie H. Great endurance in Maths       Holly W. Great writing. 
Logan D. Super effort in writing.

Year 5

Left to Right: Sam U. Excellent Science work.       Tyler G. Super ICT Work.
Lucy D. Excellent music

Year 6

Archie B. and Teagan H. Super development of confidence in swimming (No photograph).

fountain pen writing on paper
Lillie R-M. Impressive swimming.