Left to Right
Neve D. Amazing Independent writing. Theo. Super writing. Lennon. Super handwriting.

Year 1

Left to Right.
Sophia S. Super handwriting. Bradley V-E. Super phonics work. Hollie S. Super attitude.
Noah M. For looking after his brother.


Year 2

Left to Right.
Noah H. Excellent performance as the lead role in his class assembly.
Riley C. Great sentences using verbs in English. Harvey B. Showing kindness by helping others.
Joshua. (No Photograph) Super effort in English.

Year 3

Left to Right.
Holly S. For having an amazing attitude in every subject. Remy H. Super maths work on equivalent fractions. Diego L. Super maths and moved up to Gold work.

Year 4

Left to Right.
Alexa C. and James M. Times Table Champions. Tommy G. Showing extreme kindness to others. Ebony O. Excellent handwriting. Riley H. For writing an excellent story.

Year 5

Left to Right.

Hayley K. Super detailed letter to her class governor. Layla O. For producing amazing artwork. Matilda L. For effort in all areas of the curriculum.

Year 6

Left to Right.

Scarlett W. A super letter written to the Prime Minister. Ashlee R. Super effort during current assessments. Louie O. Fantastic reading results.