Left to Right:
Frankie Hardy: Super writing.      Brooke Wilson: Kind, caring friend.           Ella Runkee: Great writing.
Noah Barker: Amazing phonics and reading.

Year 1

Left to Right:
Leo Rice and Iris Fletcher: Super Independent maths. George Skinner: Excellent number bonds work! Ruben Swinger. Super Phonics.

Year 2

Left to Right:
Elsie Sim: Work on Epithany.       Isla Sollitt: Attempting gold work. Eliza S: Wonderful home-made Snow Globe. Summer Phillips: Excellent writing.
Leo Hattersley and Bradley Van Ejik: Super effort in writing.
Ferne Fewlass: Boxing trainer of the Week.

Year 3

Left to Right:
Renerl Saldo: Excellent description.          Benedict Blanchard: Super maths work. Noah Hamilton: Handwriting Crown.

Year 4

Lylah Meyerhoff: Completing all her work to a high standard.
Daniel Stamp: Amazing effort with his work and trying hard with his handwriting.
Jacob Bower: Super all round effort.        Farrell T. Helping others.

Year 5

Left to Right:
Tyler, Anna-Sofia Barker Cortez, Cooper Fewlass, Callum Middleton, James May and Nancy Whiteley. Awarded their Pen Licences.
Lacey Wilson: Great reading work.
Layla Green: Amazing division work this week!

Esmae Peel (No Photograph): Awarded her Pen Licence.

Year 6

Left to Right:
Archie Burton: Excellent editing of his Greek myth. Tristain Gorcynski and Harry Smedley: Awarded their Pen licences.
Freya Herdsman and Bella Gade: Awarded their Pen licences.