Sharing Assembly 10th March 2023

Alfie Newman – Sproatley Juniors FC Parent’s Player of the Match, Joey Day 15 metre and Stage 4 Swimming Certificate, Jacob Hunter – Writing a prayer which was used in the assembly, Eli Crawford – Demonstrating great computer programming skills, Matilda Silvester – Rugby Player of the Match, Lottie Hough – Cheerleading medal and Scarlett-Rose Clarkson – Soccer Kings football medal.

Noah Dawson – Cottingham Rangers football trophy, Pixie Thompson – Football trophy, Nyla O’Leary and Marnie Handley – Aspire’s Dancers of the Week, Arthur Clarke – Creative Art produced at home, Jacob Poppleton – Great effort in his writing, Dennis Muto – Football Trainer of the Week, Evelyn Barker – Super English, George Young Football Player of the Match and Troy Pedro – Excellent Maths.

Prentiss Chiwaridzo – Making a super start at St. Andrew’s C.E., Remy Herdsman – Super effort in Maths all week, Annabelle Crosby – Medals from her gymnastics competition and Elijah Peat – Last day at St. Andrew’s C.V. before moving onto a new journey.

Year 4 Reading Competition

Daisie Benge, Matthew Osbourne, Scarlett Taylor and Leo Wedgner.

Pen Licence and Handwriting Pencil

Isabelle Moore, Evie Yeaman and Rily Lee – Awarded Pen Licence. Sophia Walpole, Isla O’Donnell, Ava Harrison, Sophie Harrison, Thea Lallmahamood, Gustas Gecas, Hayden Hume, Oliver Staplehurst and Mila Smith – Awarded Handwriting Pencil.


Kristian Bailey, Bertie Rodgerson Eva Coult, Emily Parkinson, Brooke Noonan and Lily Munn.