Sharing Assembly

Phonics Champion Certificate (Year 1)


Micah Oyewale, Isla Enderby, Jaxon Parvin and Nyah Savage. – Superb writing.

Flora Conley – Super effort in all lessons, particularly Maths, Eva Walker – Aspire Dance Academy Dancer of the week and Archie Gallagher – Great all round effort.

Ava Hume – Super effort in her reading bus stop, Clanna Robinson – For making such an amazing improvement in her reading bus stop and Amerali Alkhalaf – Amazing effort with everything he does.

Arther Ogle – Football trainer of the week, Leo Wedgner – Super writing, Holly Waudby – Super goal scoring record for her football team, Jayden Futty – Completing some good work and Freddie Smith – Great effort with reading and writing.

Harvey Bell (No Photograph) – Handwriting Star.

Eva Oriowo – Great effort in all subjects, Fraizer Chaplin – Football Player of the Week and Beau Giblin – Great effort in all subjects.

Isabelle Moore – Fantastic work in all subjects, Thomas Griffin – Good attitude to work and Campbell Phee – Detailed use of tone in his artwork.

Frankie Hardy – Awarded Young Authors’ Champion Certificate.

Leo Wedgner and Elias Leake – Awarded Young Authors’ Champion Certificate.

Isobelle Hall, Jayden Fewster and Holly Skinner – Awarded Young Authors’ Champion Certificate.

Special Pencil Award and Pen Licence

Renerl Saldo and Leo Wedgner – Awarded Special Pencil, Misia Szydłowska, Lacey Hartley, Fred Ogle and Fraizer Chaplin – Awaded Pen Licence.