The second week at Raywell started off with a glorious day.

Even though the pupils were sad that there has not been any muddy situations on the hike, parents were delighted (less washing).

The day, as always on day trips, started with the important safety talk even though in Year 5 many pupils had been before.

The morning fun exercises which the pupils always enjoy commenced immediately afterwards to refresh, stimulate and reinvigorate the body ready for the day’s activities.

The time on the Timber Trail is always enjoyable with pupils using their problem solving skills to find different methods of overcoming each challenge.

The group activities were yet another opportunity for the pupils to have fun while learning.

The relay races, as always, produced a great amount of laughter. It was also great to see members of staff joining in the races to increase the children’s fun.

The walk through Raywell Wood started with various rolls down the Raywell Hill which the children had been asking for since they had arrived.

Before setting off back to school there was just time for a Raywell sharing which because of the high standard of all the children who had attended it was extremely difficulty to choose anyone who had outshone the rest.