Year 5 CB Raywell experience started where Year 4 had left off with gorgeous whether.

On arrival, before the fun activities started the class assembled to have the important safety discussion…

and then it was time to get the show on the road with the entertaining famous Raywell exercises.

Before the children started their activities they had the opportunity to spend a little time on the engaging timber trail.

The pupils showed great imagination in creating a video trailer and if the pupils performances were to go by the actually film would be a box office success.

After lunch which was ‘dining al fresco’ Raywell style the relay races commenced.

Eventually, the exploration of the enchanting Raywell Wood commenced . The pupils were undoubtedly excited as they had been looking forward to this since arriving at Raywell.

However, before entering the wood there was the matter of the Raywell roll which the pupils had not participated in yet.

Approaching the wood the aroma of the Wild Garlic was over powering. Like Marmite, ‘you ether love it or hate it’. Once in the the wood the pupils were desperate to crawl through the assault course’s dark and dreary tunnels although, they were not wet and muddy this year due to the lack of rain.

Finally, before leaving there was time for the pupils to have a Raywell sharing.