A cloudy sky provided a bit of protection from the sun today when 3DP set of for Raywell.

On arrival at Raywell the first activity, after setting their luggage down, was the important safety talk and because this was the first visit for 3DP the talk included the safety tour of Raywell.

Once the serious element was completed, it was time for the pupils to start having fun! The morning exercises, Raywell style, always brings a smile to the children’s faces.

Following the morning exercises, Y3DP had their first experience of Raywell Wood. As well as the walk around the wood the pupils were introduced to activities that they would participate in future years.

An amount of children had already heard about the Raywell Hill roll from older siblings and were looking forward to this activate.

Then it was time for a bit of team building activities. It was important for the pupils to communicate with each other to finish each run together.

Before the nature activities started the pupils were introduced to the Timber Trail. It was perfect weather too, because the obstacles were dry and not slippery.

Since the weather was dry and sunny 3DP were able to have their lunch outside.

After lunch the pupil were separated in groups for four activities on nature.

To finish off the day the pupils participated in relay races.