Our Team


Headteacher: Mr G Huckstep

Chair of Governors: Miss L Russell

Assistant Heads: Mrs J Daggitt (Early Years Assessment + Head of Younger School)/ /Mrs S Dibnah (Y6 SATS +Head of Upper School)/Mrs R Waterson (Assessment)

Please Note: We operate a model of ‘Distributed Leadership’. All staff are considered as potential leaders in their own right.

Line Managers: Mr C Curtis (Maths)/Mrs J Byford (Y2 SATs)/Miss K Smith (Science) Miss L Broadley (Y1/PE/Phonics) / Miss S Luke (Policy Development and Governance Support)

Child Protection: Mr G Huckstep/Miss L Harrison (SENCO)

Wellbeing Mentors: All pupils are designated a wellbeing mentor from our team of Classroom Support Staff

Nursery: Mrs J Daggitt*/Mrs C Ball

Reception: Mrs I Treston-Waller/Miss K Goforth/Miss K Homer/Mrs S Butler

Year 1: Miss L Broadley*/Mrs L Benson+Mrs A Symington/Mrs H Wright+Miss L Codd

Year 2: Mrs J Byford*/Miss H McKay/Miss L Fearn

Year 3: Mrs D Parker*/Mrs S Waudby/Miss L Harrison+Mrs V Maughan

Year 4: Miss S Taylor*/Miss S Luke/Miss L Tomlinson Bell

Year 5: Miss C Byford*/Miss K Nicholls/Miss E Cook

Year 6: Mrs S Dibnah*/Mr C Curtis/Miss K Smith/Miss J Forster/Mrs R Waterson

*= Lead Teacher in year Group. Mrs Daggitt is Lead Teacher for Nursery and Reception

Classroom Assistants Younger School:

Mrs W Sanderson/ Mrs M Childs/Mrs C Horsfield/Mrs S Revell/Mrs C Codd/Mrs M Reaney/Miss N Lewis/Miss W Newman/Mr F Vyse/Mrs C Hairsine/Mrs J Huckstep/Mrs J Clark

Classroom Assistants Upper School:

Mrs D Hedges/ Mrs J Talbot/Miss J Smith/Mrs C Baker/ Miss C Beech/Miss C Navarro/Mrs A Bowness/Mrs J Gorman/ Mrs S Jubb/Mrs G Woodgate/Mrs N Young/Miss N Klinck/Mrs K Elliott/Mrs H Johnson/Mrs S Spencer/Mrs L Taylor/Mrs L White

Sports Coach: Mrs T Fenton

Admin: Miss J Crabb/ Miss E Barron/Mrs P Way (Safeguarding Officer)/Miss S Thirkettle

Caretaker: Mr B Peel

Cleaners: Miss D Dresser/Mrs E Longley/Mrs S Slide/Mrs T Taylor

Dinner Supervisors: Miss J Bentley/Mrs T Taylor/Miss K Beetham

School Kitchen: Mrs L Barrett/Mrs M Lawless/Mrs E Stephenson/Mrs N Johnson/Mrs C Harrison/

Ms C Acey/Ms G Beetham/Ms J Davison

Playgroup/Kids Club: Kirsty/Bridie Winte

Curriculum Teams

St Andrew’s CE Primary School – Curriculum Teams,
Subject Teaching Staff (name in bold is co-ordinator) Support Staff
English S Dibnah,  S Taylor, J Daggitt, A Symington S Jubb, M Reaney, S Daggitt, N Klink
Maths/Enterprise C Curtis, J Forster, S Butler C Horsfield, C Ball, K Elliott
Science K Smith, H Wright, L Harrison L Ulyatt, S Spencer, M Childs, L White
D Parker (RE), I T-Waller (RE), S Taylor (PSHME), L Codd,  A Symington, G Huckstep W Sanderson, D Hedges, C Codd, M Childs, A Bowness, L White,
Art/DT J Byford, H Wright, S Powell, G Woodgate, S Revell, C Navarro, N Klink, C Baker, S Daggitt
History J Forster, L Benson J Talbot, C Ball, J Smith
Geography/Global links K Goforth, L Codd S Spencer, C Hairsine
PE L Broadley, S Luke W Sanderson, F Vyse, A Bowness, T Fenton, K Homer
Music C Byford, K Franklin S Revell, N Young
Computing L Tomlinson, V Hollas,  Bell K Goforth H Johnson, J Talbot
MFL L Fearn C Beech
Healthy Bodies S Luke, K Smith, L Broadley  W Sanderson, F Vyse, A Bowness, T Fenton, K Homer
DAZZLE Team J Byford, V Hollas, C Byford, C Cross, L Broadley, S Powell L Ulyatt, N Lewis
G&T R Waterson, S Dibnah, J Daggitt M Reaney
Early Years J Daggitt, K Goforth M Childs, C Horsfield, W Sanderson, S Revell, J Huckstep, K Homer
Special Needs Child Protection & Looked After Children L Harrison, C Curtis, S Butler

G Huckstep, J Daggitt, S Dibnah, R Waterson, C Curtis, J Byford

S Jubb, C Codd, N Lewis, L Wilson, G Woodgate, C Navarro, A Bowness, D Hedges, , C Ball, K Elliot,W Sanderson, K Homer, C Horsfield
Church School Distinctiveness G Huckstep, M Snowden,
Home-School D Parker, K Smith N Young, S Jubb, D Hedges, S Revell, N Lewis, L Wilson
Assessment – Core Subjects R Waterson, J Daggitt, S Dibnah S Jubb, N Young
Assessment – Foundation Subjects R Waterson, K Smith, J Daggitt, J Byford H Johnson, A Bowness
Curriculum Development G Huckstep, J Daggitt, R Waterson, S Dibnah
Staff Development / Appraisal J Daggitt, G Huckstep, R Waterson, S Dibnah
Support Staff / Lunchtime Supervisors  J Daggitt, R Waterson, S Dibnah J Gorman
Mentor Team H Wright (NQTs/GTPs), J Daggitt, R Waterson, S Dibnah, G Huckstep
POP / MOP G Huckstep J Gorman, H Johnson
Worklife Balance J Byford, L Broadley, K Smith G Woodgate, J Gorman
STAR Files J Daggitt, R Waterson K Elliot, S Spencer, A Bowness, C Ball, N Lewis,   D Hedges, S Revell