Our Team


Headteacher: Mr G Huckstep

Chair of Governors: Miss L Russell

Assistant Heads: Mrs J Daggitt (Early Years Assessment + Head of Younger School)/ /Mrs S Dibnah (Y6 SATS +Head of Upper School)/Mrs R Waterson (Assessment)

Please Note: We operate a model of ‘Distributed Leadership’. All staff are considered as potential leaders in their own right.

Line Managers: Mr C Curtis (Maths)/Mrs J Byford (Y2 SATs)/Miss K Smith (Science) Miss L Broadley (Y1/PE/Phonics) / Miss S Luke (Policy Development and Governance Support)

Child Protection: Mr G Huckstep/Miss L Harrison (SENCO)

Wellbeing Mentors: All pupils are designated a wellbeing mentor from our team of Classroom Support Staff

Nursery: Mrs J Daggitt*

Reception: Mis H Evans/Miss K Homer/Mrs S Butler

Year 1: Miss L Broadley*/Mrs Benson/Mrs S Waudby/Mrs H Wright+Mrs L Baldwin

Year 2: Mrs J Byford*/Miss L Harrison/Miss H McKay/Mrs A Symington

Year 3: Mrs D Parker*/Miss S Oswald/Mrs V Maughan/Mrs Parsons

Year 4: Miss S Taylor*/Miss S Luke/Miss K Strathearn/Mrs Treston-Waller

Year 5: Miss C Byford*/Mrs R Waterson/Miss E Cook/Miss Grannon

Year 6: Mrs S Dibnah*/Miss K Nicholls/Mr C Curtis/Miss K Smith/Miss J Forster/

*= Lead Teacher in year Group. Mrs Daggitt is Lead Teacher for Nursery and Reception

Classroom Assistants Younger School:

Mrs M Childs/Mrs D Hedges/Mrs C Horsfield/Mrs S Revell/Mrs C Codd/Mrs M Reaney/Miss N Lewis/Miss W Newman/Mr F Vyse/Mrs C Hairsine/Mrs J Huckstep/Mrs J Clark/Miss C Navarro

Classroom Assistants Upper School:

Miss J Smith/Mrs C Baker/Mrs A Bowness/ Mrs S Cooper/Mrs G Woodgate/Mrs N Young/Miss N Klinck/Mrs K Elliott/Mrs H Johnson/Mrs S Spencer/Mrs L Taylor/Mrs L White

Sports Coach: Mrs T Fenton

Admin: Miss J Crabb/ Miss E Barron/Mrs P Way (Safeguarding Officer)/Miss S Thirkettle

Caretaker: Mr M Porter

Cleaners: Mrs E Longley/Mrs S Slide/Mrs T Taylor

Dinner Supervisors: Miss J Bentley/Mrs T Taylor/Miss K Beetham

School Kitchen: Mrs L Barrett/Mrs N Johnson/Mrs C Harrison/Ms C Acey/Ms G Beetham/Ms J Davison

Playgroup/Kids Club: Kirsty/Bridie Winter

Curriculum Teams




Teaching Name (name in bold is Co-ordinator)


Support Staff


English S Dibnah, J Daggitt, S Taylor, K, Nicholls, S Cooper, M Reaney,


Maths/Enterprise C Curtis, J Forster, H McKay, S Butler (Maths Special Needs) C Horsfield, C Ball, K Elliott
Science K Smith, H Wright S Spencer, M Childs, L White
RE/Worship I Treston-Waller
SIAMS Leader D Parker D Hedges, C Codd, M Childs,


D Parker, H Mckay


J Byford, H McKay

L Baldwin

G Woodgate, S Revell, C Navarro, N Klink,

C Baker

History J Forster, L Benson C Ball, J Smith
Geography/Global Links K Goforth S Spencer, C Hairsine
PE/ L Broadley, T Fenton, F Vyse, A Bowness, L Taylor
Healthy Bodies S Luke, K Smith, E Cook
PSHME/SMSC S Taylor, K Strathearn
Music C Byford, E Cook S Revell, N Young
ICT L Tomlinson Bell, V Maughan H Johnson, L Taylor
Website S Luke, L Tomlinson Bell
MFL L Fearn, K Strathearn N Klinck
DAZZLE Team J Byford, V Maughan, C Byford, L Broadley,

S Waudby, H McKay

N Lewis, T Fenton, S Spencer
CRACKERJACK G Huckstep, S Spencer HLTA’s
Church School


G Huckstep, J Daggitt, R Waterson, S Dibnah D Hedges,

A Bowness, L White

G&T R Waterson, S Dibnah, J Daggitt M Reaney
Early Years J Daggitt, K Homer, S Butler M Childs, S Revell, J Huckstep
Special Needs L Harrison, S Butler, L Benson, A Symington,

(C Curtis)


C Hairsine

S Cooper, C Codd, N Lewis,

L Taylor,

Child Protection &

Looked After Children

G Huckstep, L Harrison, J Daggitt, S Dibnah,

R Waterson, C Curtis, J Byford,


C Navorro, G Woodgate, D Hedges, C Ball,

K Elliott, A Bowness

Mental Health G Huckstep, L Harrison, SLT   All TA’s
Wellbeing Mentors All Support Staff designated to children throughout our school
Assessment – Core


R Waterson, J Daggitt, S Dibnah, C Curtis S Cooper, N Young
Assessment –

Foundation Subjects

K Smith, J Daggitt, J Byford, R Waterson H Johnson, A Bowness


G Huckstep, J Daggitt, R Waterson, S Dibnah,

S Luke, S Taylor

Policy Review S Luke, Assistant Heads
First Aid


Paediatric First Aid


TT, AS, SS, JS, SR, NK, DD, CC, CBe, CBak, JB, CCo,

JD, MC, CHo, CBa, LW, KH, ITW, JT, GH, CHa, TF, KE, BP

Certificates updated

Autumn 21/Spring 22

Staff Development/


J Daggitt, G Huckstep, R Waterson, S Dibnah

Staff + Lunchtime



J Daggitt, R Waterson, S Dibnah J Smith, C Hairsine, S Cooper + All TA’s
Mentor Team H Wright (ECT/NQT’s/GTP’s), J Daggitt, R Waterson, S Dibnah,

G Huckstep

POP/MOP G Huckstep, H Johnson All TA’s
Work Life Balance J Byford, L Broadley, K Smith G Woodgate
Health & Safety G Huckstep, P Way, K Elliott, H Johnson, A Bowness,

C Ball

T Fenton
STAR Files K Elliott, H Johnson, A Bowness, C Ball S Spencer, N Lewis, D Hedges,

S Revell, L White