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Governing Body

The Governing Body has a range of duties and powers and a general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. Its responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

The Governing Body at St Andrew’s CE Primary School is made up of eight Foundation Governors, three Parent Governors, one local Authority Governor, the Head Teacher (ex officio) and one Staff Governor. Governors normally meet three times a year to receive reports from the Head Teacher on the life and work of the school. The Governing Body has formed several Committees and Working Parties, which focus on particular aspects of the Governors’ responsibilities eg Finance, Curriculum, Staffing and Premises. At St Andrew’s, the Governors aim to provide a curriculum appropriate to the needs of all of our pupils. It is the Governors’ aim that all children achieve their potential in every aspect of school life in an atmosphere of partnership and support. The Governing Body has responsibility for raising standards of achievement in the school. It holds senior leaders to account, seeks external views of the school and uses a range of information to set the strategic direction.

Governors Charter

Download: Charter

Role Descriptions

Download: Governor Role Description

Download: Chair Role Description

Download: Clerk Role Description


Governing Body Information

NameRoleResponsibilityEnd Date
Lisa RussellChair of GovernorsRE/SEN/PHSME/History


Looked After Children

Jordan StorrVice ChairMusic/Early Years10/11/2023
Rachel WatersonActing HeadteacherChild Protection/Safeguarding/H&S/Church School Distinctiveness/G&T/Assessment/Raising Achievement/Community Cohesion/Home-School Links Premises 



Lauren BowerParent GovernorChild Protection/Pupil and Staff Well being01/03/2026
Emma BurtonAuthority GovernorSEN/H&S/Art/ Design Technology/ Creativity17/01/2023
David CatherallFoundation GovernorMaths/G&T/Premises27/03/2023
Rebecca ColtonParent GovernorSEN/G&T/ICT07/10/2025
Amanda SymingtonStaff GovernorPHSME/ICT/Child Protection/(Pupil & Staff) Wellbeing23/02/2030
Janice DaggittAssociate Member(Co-ordinator) Early Years/G&T31/12/2030
Sarah DibnahAssociate Member(Co-ordinator) English/G&T31/12/2030
Janice HamerFoundation GovernorGeography/Global Links28/02/2025
Jillian BlowmanAssociate MemberPE/Green Issues and Energy01/03/2026
Rev Chris Van StraatenAssociate MemberRE/Church School Distinctiveness


Community Cohesion/Home-School Links/Safeguarding/H&S

Karl StavesAssociate MemberMusic01/03/2026
Rebecca AquayeFoundation GovenorEnglish/RE01/03/2026


Governor Register of Business Interest

NameRelevant business interestOther education establishments governedRelationships with other governors or staff
Rachel WatersonNoneNoneNone
Lisa RussellNoneNoneNone
Jordan StorrNoneNoneNone
Rebecca AquayeNoneNoneNone
Lauren BowerNoneNoneKH
Emma BurtonNoneNoneNone
David CatherallNoneNoneNone
Rebecca ColtonNoneNoneNone
Amanda SymingtonNoneNoneNone
Janice DaggittNoneNoneNone
Sarah DibnahNoneNoneNone
Janice HamerNoneNoneNone
Rev Chris Van StraatenNoneNoneNone
Jillian BlowmanNoneNoneNone
Karl StavesNoneNoneNone

Governor Information 21-22

St Andrew’ Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 2021-2022

Download: Governor information 21-22

Governor Information 20-21

St Andrew’ Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 2020-2021

Download: Governor information 20-21

Governor Information 19-20

St Andrew’ Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 2019-2020

Download: Governor information 19-20

Governor Information 18-19

St Andrew’ Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 2018-2019

Download: Governor information 18-19

Governance Arrangements

St Andrew’ Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School Governance Arrangements

Download: St Andrews’s Arrangements

Instrument of Governance

St Andrew’ Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School Instrument of Governance

Download: St Andrews IOG


Governor Subject Links

One of the best and most effective ways in which a Governor can get to know about our school is to visit during the school day and see it at work, talking to staff and pupils and finding out what happens in the school and the classrooms.  This will add immeasurably to Governors’ understanding of our school, its staff and pupils.  Our Policy and Code of Conduct for Governors’ Structured Visits gives more information about the procedures for such visits.
 Each Governor has been ‘adopted’ by a class (in some cases more).  Staff will organise invitations to special events, letters etc from their pupils to be sent to their class Governor on a regular basis. Of course, Governors are welcome to pop in and  to visit their ‘twinned’ classes, although it would be best if they rang or spoke to the class teacher first, to make sure the visit is at a convenient time for the class.

Subject/Area of ResponsibilityGovernorCo-ordinator
Art/Design Technology/CreativityE Burton/J Hamer(H Mckay)/J Byford
Early YearsJ StorrJ Daggitt
Geography/Global LinksJ HamerS Waudby
HistoryL RussellJ Forster
ICTA SymingtonL Parsons
EnglishR AcquayeS Dibnah
MathsD CatherallC Curtis
MFLC Van StraatenL Fearn
MusicJ Storr/K Staves(E Cook)/C Byford
PEJ Blowman(K Nicholls)/L Broadley
RE (+Home-School Links)C Van Straaten/


L Russell/R Acquaye

D Parker/I Treston-Waller
PHSMEL RussellS Taylor
ScienceA SymingtonK Smith
Church School DistinctivenessC Van StraatenRachel Waterson
G&TD CatherallR Waterson/S Dibnah/


J Daggitt/L Harrison

Assessment/Raising AchievementJ Storr/L RussellR Waterson
Child Protection/(Pupil/Staff Wellbeing)A Symington/L Bower



R Waterson/L Harrison
Health and SafetyB Colton/E BurtonR Waterson
Staff WellbeingLRussell/J Storr 


Safeguarding/Health and Safety


Health Education (including Mental Health)



L Russell


L Russell



L Harrison/R Waterson


K Homer/S Woods


Community Cohesion/Home School LinksC Van StraatenR Waterson, D Parker
Green Issues/EnergyJ BlowmanK Smith
PremisesD CatherallR Waterson
Special NeedsL Russell/


E Burton/B Colton

L Harrison


Class Governor Links

TeacherYear GroupClass NameGovernor
C CurtisYear 6FalconsE Burton
S DibnahYear 6KestrelsD Catherall
J Forster/K SmithYear 6AlbatrossC Van Straaten
S WoodsYear 5PelicansJ Storr
J GrannonYear 5FlamingosD Catherall
E CookYear 5HummingbirdsE Burton
K StrathearnYear 4KiwisL Russell
S TaylorYear 4WoodpeckersA Symington
I Treston WallerYear 4SwallowsK Staves
D ParkerYear 3MagpiesL Bower + Bishop of Hull
L ParsonsYear 3LarksJ Blowman
 S OswaldYear 3OspreysB Colton
L HarrisonYear 2LinnetsR Acquaye
A SymingtonYear 2KingsfishersB Colton
H McKayYear 2StorksJ Hamer
L Benson/L BaldwinYear 1SwansC Van Straaten
H WrightYear 1BluebirdsL Russell
S WaudbyYear 1WrensE Burton
H EvansReceptionNightingalesR Acquaye
S ButlerReceptionFinchesA Symington
K HomerReceptionDovesJ Storr + L Bower
J DaggittNursery (AM)


Nursery (PM)




L Russell (temp) +


K Staves


Governors Training

Download: St Andrew’s Training