Remote Learning (Home Learning)

What ‘Remote Learning’ can I expect from St Andrew’s C of E Primary School in the event absence due to COVID-19?

This information is to be used as a general guide and parents can expect further details of remote learning for their child as and when it is required. There are 3 general scenarios outlined in the Remote Learning Policy; the first scenario where your child is not permitted to attend school, the second outlines the actions in the case of a whole bubble not being permitted to attend school and lastly in scenario in the event of a school closure.  Should you require further lessons for your child, Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize have a range of lessons for each year group that can be used.

BBC Bitesize

Oak National Academy

Pupil Remote Learning Policy

Parent Remote Learning Information

Parent Timetable

Home Learning Behaviour Expectations

The children’s Google Classroom logins and passwords will be sent out in the event of isolation or school closure.  Please contact your child’s class teacher if you have any other queries.

Please contact the school should you need any work printing.

Project Work

Each year group has created a topic web with extra cross curricula work your child can be doing at home. Please see your child’s year group below.

The Non Negotiable tests for each year group can be accessed below in order to help develop your child’s basic skills.

Non Negotiable Tests

Early Years (Nursery and Reception) – Early-Years-NN-Assessments

Key Stage 1 (Y1-Y2) – KS1-Years-1-2-NN-Assessments

Key Stage 2 (Y3-Y6) –KS2-Years-345-6-NN-Assessments

Whole School