St. Andrew’s C.E. Primary school is engaged in a learning programme called ‘Jigsaw’ which is designed to help with Health Education (including Personal, Emotional, Social development and Mental Health). The programme provides detailed and comprehensive schemes of learning for 3-16 year olds.

Year 4 as part of their ‘Jigsaw’ lessons were challenged at home and at school to design/create a potato person with a funny personality.

Y4 Larks, Alfie B, Amy F, Riley H, Skylah H, Molly J, Jake L, Grace M, Charlie Q, Milly T, Jorgie W, Ella H, Oliver M and Lacey W proudly display their creation.

Y4 Woodpeckers, Jenson K, Jensen S, Emilia T, Scarlett B, Dylan V, Francesca R, Charlie R and Jade K proudly display their creation.

A super fun learning activity from Y1 Kingfishers. Designing love birds to spread the love to everyone!

Year 3 have been writing an autobiography this week and the children in Y3DP have sketched their own self portrait to go alongside it.

Another super group of Y3 artists this time from the ‘Linnets’

Five examples of super ‘one point perspective’ art work by, Year 6 Pelicans’, Charlie U (in school), Evelyn W., Ben U., Evie M. and Amelia M. (at home).

Charlie U.
Evie M.
Evelyn W.
Ben U.
Amelia M.

Year 6 Pelicans Freya H, Phoebe H, Scarlett W, Anthony BC, Jack B and Jay P proudly display their Dream Catchers that they made to celebrate The Chinese New Year.

Alana (Y3 Wrens) has been working on designing and making her very own model garden. Before starting the project Alana made a list of playground equipment that she require including disabled access, a wind charm, bird feeder, swing, slide and stepping stones. Alana is especially proud of the table & bench as well as the flower garden which she made all by herself.

Oliver (Reception) designed and made a new shell for ‘Norm’ who is a character from his Reception’s story book while he also used his counting skills to match up his socks.

Isaac D (Y5) and Noah D (Y2) have really enjoyed being creative at home making hand-crafted tie dye fashion tops. Just wait till they go to Raywell where they can take to the catwalk with their latest fashion!

Ava H. (Y1) completes all her homework with a smile with this example coloured very carefully so it could hung onto the wall to make people smile.

Lucas F. (Y5 Eagles) has been doing some great sketches while on lock down.

Sebastian C. (Y5) created a supermodel of his own magical train at home.

Yasmin P. (Y1 Swans) has drawn a super picture of a dog in Art.


Miss Fearn (Y2 Penguins) set her pupils a Minion Challenge. The children had to follow instructions read out by Miss Fearn to draw their own Minium.
Miss Fearn has selected 10 examples of their great, crazy work below.