Reasons to be Proud

To celebrate pupil’s achievements at St. Andrew’s C.E. Primary School, pupils and parents are invited to send photographs of their children’s achievements to their class teacher. Whether working at home or in the classroom photographs will be posted on this web page on a regular basis.

Whether the children are learning at home or at school, Year 2 children have been learning about the same topics. When learning the topic about space the children were set a task to design and make their own planet.

The photograph compares the planets made at home to the planets made at school. The 3 children, with their plants, at he top of the photograph made their planets at home, Luke H. (who made a solar system mobile), Kiki D. and Scarlett T. In comparison , we then show the 5 children at the bottom of the photograph who made their planets at school, Lucsienna H., Isobelle C., Darcey P., Amelia R., Riley L.

Brodie (Y2) was set a task to design and make his own planet.
Brodie’s planet is called ‘Candy Land’.

Acts of Kindness

Matilda L. as part of her art challenge has created this lovely butterfly to thank the NHS.

Eliza R. (Y1) has written a wonderful letter to say her thank you to the NHS.

Some of our Reception (Swallows) children helped to put a ‘Thank You’ message together for the NHS.

Samuel P. (Nursery) and Jennifer P. (Reception) obviously having great fun with face painting while saying thank you to the NHS. A super fun activity.

Jessica F., Lola F. and Alexander M. present their lovely display tribute to Captain Tom.

Amelia (Nursery) has created another lovely message and card for the Nursery staff who will be so pleased to receive it.

Vicente drew this wonderful bear to show how we can overcome difficulties. We liked his word choices to describe ways in which we can overcome difficult times and how this linked to our school values.

Here’s a lovely card made by Kiki (Y2) and Prince (Nursery) wishing the two members of staff in nursery all their best.

Bradley’s (Y1 Kingfishers) ‘love scene ️for whole world’ was produced so everyone would appreciate and show love and kindness to their family, friends or even a passer-by because even a smile can make someone’s day.

Bradley says ‘if you can be anything, be kind.’️️

Halle with a gift for a girl (aged 8) from a less fortunate family.

Lewis M, (Reception, Ospreys) has made a Valentine’s cake with some special elderly neighbours who he has such an amazing bond with. The gentleman, David, has received the most amazing news that his cancer has gone after finding out at the start of lockdown last year. Lewis is a breath of fresh air for them as he cheers them up, shows them his school work, does arts and crafts with them.

Theo S. (Reception) made this ‘Poster of Encouragement’ for his ‘mum who like many parents has been working at home.

Jack L. (Y2 Storks) cheered up his elderly neighbour (90) by drawing her a coloured picture. On receiving Jack’s picture, she had tears of joy .

Georgie O. (Reception’s Doves) created this wonderful poster to encourage and support a family member to achieve their goal.

Lily (Y1 Bluebirds) drawn her much loved grandad one final picture for him to take to Haven with him as he has sadly passed away. Her grandad would have liked that she was thinking of him as he always loved the pictures that she used to draw him.

Since the first lockdown Isabelle (Y1 Bluebirds) would go and knock on Gladys’ (old lady who lives across the road) door and ask her if she would need anything from the shop. When Gladys went to Heaven, Isabelle asked if they could go buy some flowers and take them to her grave. A warm act of love and kindness.

Shakespeare’s Day

For Shakespeare’s Day pupils were set the task of designing and drawing an enchanted forest inspired by Williams Shakespeare’s famous play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’

The children in the younger school were read the description of the enchanted forest from ‘A Midsummer Night’s
Dream’ where the upper school read the description themselves before drawing the enchanted forest based on this description. The Shakespearean Language that was used was explained to the pupils so they understood the language of the period.

Mrs Waller’s reception class produced some great pictures based on William Shakespeare’s story. The picture below show an example of work by Annie W., Emily H. (in school), and Ella M., Theo T. (at home).

Bradley in Kingfishers (Y1) enchanted forest artwork used a number of various materials to represent William Shakespeare’s enchanted forest.

Various materials and textures were used by Mrs Parker’s class to represent William Shakespeare’s enchanted forest.

Jacob B
Brooke N
Amelia C
Eva M


The children in Woodpeckers (Y4) were challenged to make Anglo-Saxon ships. Here are two examples, one made in school and one made at home.

Cooper F. (in school).
Summer S. (at home).

In History, Y4 Woodpeckers have been making Anglo-Saxon shields. A selection of the shields that have been made at home and in school are shown.

Emilia T.
Francesca R.
Jade K.

Y1 Bluebirds have been learning about Neil Armstrong and rockets.

The rockets below are being flown by Autumn-Daisy S., Hollie S., Amerali A., Albert M., Pippa N. and Dolly H.

Riley C. (Y2) has produced some absolutely fantastic work. Riley has been very busy, painting, making a volcano model and baking buns which look delicious.

Google Classroom

Jessica C and siblings doing various age group learning activities. Studying interesting facts about English and Scottish Monarchs.

Year 6 Pelicans were learning about the The Chinese New Year. Here are 2 Chinese dragons made by Nyla J and Eva L at home.

Libby F. (Y6) as well as working very hard completing all her work on Google Classroom, Libby has also been completing extra optional project work.

Volunteering to help tidy the local area
Design and building work
Design work
PowerPoints, Maths and Geography work

Y1 Kingfishers Mila. Layton, Pixie- Mae, Amanda-Mai, Eliza, Brody, Lily, Ferne, Tommy, Leo, Harley, have been working hard on their basic skills both at home and at school.

Super work and determination from Joshua A(Y3, Wrens) who completed six pieces of work yesterday.

Darcie H, (Reception, Swallows) is always on the Google class calls and has been working really hard at home. Darcie confidence has grown in her writing and she now practises her spellings independently.

As well as refining her cooking skills, Scarlett T. (Y2) has been working hard on her school work.

Religious Education

Y4 Woodpeckers have produced some brilliant story boards on Noah’s Ark in RE this week. Examples below are from Charlie R and Emilia T.

Y4(Larks) pupils Grace M (home) and Ellie P (school) have produce excellent front cover designs for the bible story, Noah’s Ark which they have been studying . These two girls have been working extremely hard in all subjects, and contributed lots to their class discussions via Google Meet before designing the artwork.


Digestive Systems

Y6 pupils have worked hard learning about the skeletal, muscular and digestive systems at home as well as at school.

Lexi S. at school.

As part of the science curriculum the children had to label the human bones on a skeleton. Fletcher (Y3) had a super idea to draw around his own body to form the shape of a skeleton. He then drew and labelled the bones inside the life size drawing.

Tommy E. at home.

Harrison S. (Y2, Nightingales) recently made his own grass head friend.

In science, Y5 Eagles were set a challenge to designed their own experiment, both at home and at school.


Jack P (Y3, Magpies) is trying really hard with his maths and his confidence is increasing as his knowledge of his timetables develops.

Theo T. (Reception, Swallows) uses his own stick insect for inspiration to produce some wonderful writing about a minibeast.


Theo N. (Reception, Doves) has been doing absolutely brilliant phonics at home producing some excellent work using the ‘oa’ digraph.

Miesha T. (Reception, Swallows) has tried very hard with this work using the ‘oo’ digraph to label the pictures.

Connor R. (Y5) had fun completing a treasure where Connor had to practise following instructions.

Doves (Reception) have been producing some excellent work using the ‘ng’ digraph. The examples below are from Jack B., Jesse D. and Alexis C.

Jack B.
Jesse D.
Alexis C.
Carter (Reception) has been practicing holding his pencil and writing his name.
Eva W. (Reception) has been learning to recognise and match coins to values of items in her play shop at home.


Arthur D. (Rec) with help from mum created a shopping list, making his sums relevant to real-world applications. Fantastic concentration from Arthur.

Instructional Writing 

Bradley (Year 1 Kingfishers) has been working hard making a colourful bus by following his own instructions that he had written for his English home learning.

Year 1 Kingfishers have been writing instructions on how to make a bus. They then made a bus using the instructions they had written. The children at home and school did a super job.

Rosie G. (Home)
Rosie G. (Home)
Eva R. (School)

Instructional Writing – Cooking and Baking

Sophie B. (Y3) Sophie baked this amazing lemon drizzle cake from the instructions that she wrote for her English work. It is so good to see children linking their school work to real life applications.

Eva B. (Y3) practiced the important skill of writing instructions followed by making some amazing croissants from the instructions she had written.

Luke demonstrates his cooking skills by preparing dinner. Spaghetti Bolognese with hidden vegetables!

Harrison (Y2) learning how to cook spicy chicken wraps.

Charlie (Y4) refining her skills in making a chocolate log.

Charlie (Y4) refining her skills in making a chocolate log.

Scarlett T. (Y2) learning how to make pancakes by following her instructions that she wrote for her English.

The Train to Impossible Places

Sasha C. (Y5 Eagles) wrote this initial draft of her own story which is based on the story ‘The Train to Impossible Places’ by P. G. Bell. Sasha has included a great deal of the Year 5 punctuation and other grammar features in her initial draft.

Lucy Fox (Y5 Eagles) wrote this initial draft of her own story which is based on the story ‘The Train to Impossible Places’ by P. G. Bell. Lucy has worked incredibly hard on it and it is lovely to read. Click on the link to read the PDF.

Letter to Future

Dylan V. and Cooper F. (Y4 Woodpeckers) produced some super writing during last week’s Mental Health activities. The children had to write an imaginary letter to a child in 2030 explaining what life was like during 2020.

We thought it was important during Children’s Mental Health Week to give the children an opportunity to express their feelings about the events of the last year.

Y5 Hummingbirds, Lilia, Harry, Alfie, Kelly, Ashton and Ryan great letter writing.

Y3 Linnets, Eva O, Pixie T and Annabelle S. Super development of their writing, sentence structure, good choice of words etc.

Katie J. (Y5) has been working really hard with her Google classroom handwriting work. Katie has also been very determined to understand fractions while completing extra work at weekends.

Troy P. (Y3) task was to write a diary entry as though he was stranded on a desert island. His hard working attitude and determination produced a fabulous piece of writing.

These examples of Charlotte’s (Y5) work shows how well she understood reading the tricky text of ‘The Highwayman’.

Harley (Reception) whose mum has given us permission to use his full name has shown incredible determination in developing his basic skills. .

Harley Overton can now write his full name independently

Elijah A. (Year 1, Bluebirds) practicing his handwriting produce some super neat handwriting which he did with little supervision,

Cameron (Y6) has been a superstar working at home. He’s completed every piece of work and is even doing extra. Great presentation Cameron

A new member of the St. Andrew’s family Scarlett-Rose (Y2 Penguins) has produce a fantastic effort in her handwriting. She is determined to improve her writing and works hard every day.

Volcanoes Around the World

In school – Google Slides Presentation by Gracie H.
Presentation by Gracie H.

At home – Google Slides Presentation by Eden C.
Presentation by Eden C.

Geography work on ‘Volcanoes Around the World’ created in school and at home.

Super volcano work from Logan P. (Y6 Kestrels) who was working from home and Jacob T. (Y6 Kestrels) who was working at school. Both pieces of work contained pictures and detailed facts about volcanos.

At home – poster by Imogen G.
Fantastic volcano work from home by Poppy (Y3)
Poppy’s volcano.


Dinosaur Excavation by Oscar E.W.

Oscar E.W. (Y2 Penguins) has produced some super research on dinosaur excavation. Oscar looks really proud with his dinosaur model that he made at home.

History of Hull by Charlotte C.

Charlotte (Y5, Eagles) created a Hull project doing lots of research on the History of Hull. Charlotte also research bands that originated from Hull and created her own William Wilberforce art.

British Wildlife by Charlotte

Charlotte B. (Y6) has created a slide presentation of British Wildlife as extra work at home after being in school. Charlotte has researched the subject finding some great facts and some wonderful photographs of animals in their natural habitats.

Prehistoric Beasts by Frank W. and Ethan H.

Frank W. and Ethan H. have both been working extremely hard in school learning about prehistoric beasts. They both enjoyed learning about prehistoric beasts so much that they have created their own slideshow about the animals.

To view a PDF of the slide show click on the sabre-toothed cat photograph.

Fossils by Makari H.

Makari H. (Y6)…created this impressive slideshow at home for one of Y6’s recent Science lessons (click on the fossil image to open the pdf).

The slides describe different ways fossils are formed.