Joe Wicks

Summer-Rose P. (Y1)

Joe Wicks has been very popular with pupils at home as well as at school. His regular television fitness show during the holidays is well attended. The sessions are also found on his YouTube channel.

Regular physical activity can be enjoyable while being one of the most important things you can do for your physical and mental health.
Even Spiderman dad is getting in on the action of exercising with Summer-Rose!


The Human Body

Skeleton System

By Jessica

When taking part in any physical activity it is very important to warm-up before performing any activity. The warm-up session will consist of light exercise which increases circulation while stretching prepares the muscles for movements required during the activity. The warm-up will help prevent injuries by warming the muscle up preparing them for sudden movements that may be needed in any physical activity. In these photographs we see Jessica learning about about the body, organs and the skeleton system.


Human Body

By Sebastian

While learning about the human body Sebastian produced this impressive, colourful picture about the inside of the human body.



Maegen and Nancy

Maegen and Nancy Whiteley used their daily exercise, on Easter Sunday, to complete a family cycle ride to the marina and back. The spectacular aquarium attraction, ‘The Deep’ which is one of St Andrew’s favourite for  educational school trips could be seen on the horizon.



James taking a minute out from his bike journey to have a photograph taken for his school challenge. A great way to keep fit.


Ballet and Trampolining

Summer  completing her fitness challenge by going through moves in her ballet routine. Also Summer was practicing her technique on the trampoline.


Chloe  did a trampoline challenge and raised money for Dove House. Chloe proudly displays the ‘Thank you’ card that she received for her valiant effects. You did brilliantly Chloe, Well Done


Chloe, for her keep fit challenge has complete a challenge for Dove House. She completed 26 seat drops in a row.

seat drop is fundamentally a trampoline stunt in which the performer drops to a sitting position with his legs straight then rebounds to a standing position.

For the Dove House 2.6 challenge you had the choice of completing an activity based around the numbers 26 or 2.6.

The 2.6 challenge is designed to be fun and suitable for all ages and abilities. Chloe has so far raised £130 for the charity which once again is one of the charities we are supporting. Well done!


Neve has been obsessed with her bunny hopper that her daddy had got for her.

Neve took part in bunny hop races around the garden with her parents. While bouncing to the beat of music from the family’s Alexa, Neve was burning lots of energy and getting her daily exercise.

Jay and Ellie

Jay and Ellie using a pogo stick as a different way of keeping fit.
The challenge is to beat their score from the previous day.
When these photographs were taken Jay had managed 22 and then 35 the next day. Ellie had managed to get 2 the first day and then 6 the next day.
Keep up the good work.
Last week the challenge was with a skipping rope.


Lily has been practicing swing-ball as a way of keeping active while practicing hand/ eye coordination.