Adventures of Scally and Friends

Just in case you didn’t know, my name is ‘Scallywag’ everyone calls me Scally for short.
I’m one of Mr Huckstep’s best friends (we call him ‘Huggy’). He has let me go on his biking journeys lots and lots of times.

My friends and I live together with  Mr Huckstep (‘Huggy’) and his family so it is safe for us all to play together. (We must Keep Safe) also, any adventures we have outside are always within the guidelines set down by the Government.


Let me introduce you to my friends. Some of you may already have seen a couple of my friends on the school website.
From your left moving across we have me (Scally) then next to me there is Weasy, then Nelly (the elephant). Hoots the owl then Tag, Fluffs and Tigs. Near the end there is Piggy and, of course, our NHS Lionheart Nhsy.

Can you take a photo of any of your cuddly friends or favourite toys and send them to your class teacher?

Here we are all sat having a cuddle and deciding on what to do each day in order so we don’t get fed up during our time away from school.

Here is a short story (very short) bed time story of the type of fun I have with my friends to give you and your kiddie  the idea of how we can create a fun story. Obviously the content will differ depending on the age and interests of your child.

I’m hoping we can make this into a story challenge so you kids can write and photograph a story before sending it to your class teacher – but never more than 4 photos at a time. Parents will hopefully help their child and send the finished story to your child’s classteacher.

You’ll see what I mean when you’ve seen mine later today.

Also, children don’t have to use their own toys but can make toys if they wish using all sorts – paper plates, plastic forks/ spoons/ sock puppets etc.

Don’t forget, stories can be on whatever topic you and your child decide…just like the film Toy Story!

You can write about dinosaurs or space travel or parties or holidays or WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Short Bedtime Story for your children:   ‘Scally’s Adventure At School’ 

Up bright and early to have my breakfast. We are going for a bike ride today with Huggy (Mr Huckstep) to school as part of our daily exercise.

Yummy breakfast! I had cornflakes followed by my favourite – lots and lots of honey ( that’s what bears like!) on crispy toast. Yum!Yum!

We were soon ready.

Typical, not all my friends were up. Can you see which ones were missing? (See the pictures I sent earlier) Two were a little late (Weasy is a proper lazy bones…always sleeping!) but Nhsy our lionheart was helping the nurses in the hospital for our good old NHS.

Hoots shouted out  ‘3 cheers for Nhsy and the NHS’.

Everyone shouted at the top of their voices: ‘Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hoorah!’ – on the last shout Nelly nearly blew me off my bike! Luckily I was able to grab his trunk to stop falling. It worked! ‘Phew!’

When we arrived at school we had fun and games but we were missing all the lovely kids.

Huggy tells us that most of St Andrew’s children have funny faces! Is that true?
Weasy and I were supposed to be playing the drums. I was singing to’We Will ,We Will Rock You’ but lazy bones Weasy ( remember he was late joining us this morning as he always likes extra time in bed) had fallen asleep again ON HIS DRUM!

Oh well. Annoying, but he’s a good friend …when he stays awake!
I suddenly hear Fluffs and Tags shouting and laughing. ‘Come on Scally’  they yelled, ‘we’ve found sand and buckets and spades.


Well, that sounded great to me. So I stopped playing the drum, left Weasy – still asleep! climbed down from the chair ( so excited I was puffing and panting) but in my hurry I slipped on the polished hall floor, skidded around the corner and…..

…tripped up head first into a bucket!

How embarrassing?

Fluff and Tag ..laughed and laughed and laughed…and then laughed some more!
Oh well, we all had a good time, even lazy bones  Weasy, – he slept all the way home. Zzzzz.

Goodnight Everyone! Sleep tight.

God Bless