Sharing Assembly

Freya Dixon – Appeared in the Hull Daily Mail Halloween Special.

Halloween Fancy Dress Costume.

Jack Hull – East Hull U6’s Season 2022 and Archie Gallagher – East Hull U6’s Season 2022

Annie Wells – Inspired by Young Authors work to write at home, Olivia Wallace – Super work with her writing and Zack Parker – Swimming Certificate.

Yasmin Pedro – A brilliant self-portrait in drawing club, Kristian Bailey – 1st Place in his judo competition, Hollie Smedley – Brilliant endurance in Maths, Amelia Raettig – Football trainer of the week trophy and Kiki Daley – Super writing.

Troy Pedro – Great work with fractions, Cole Newsome and Fraizer Chaplin – TT Rock Star Certificate, Jensen Sims – moving up a group at his boxing club, Freya Dixon – Super improvement in handwriting, Archie Wilson – Rugby ‘Trainer of the Week’ and moving up in his swimming lessons too!
Maximilian McDonald, George Young, Ellis Rascarachi and Jacob Bower – TT Rock Stars Certificate.

Zayna Acquaye, Eva Oriowo, Brooke Noonan, Grace Mowforth, Skylah Houghton, Francesca Robinson, Jake Larter and Pixie Thompson.