The Story So Far

The Story So Far

Week 23

Monday 27th July 2020

Splash splash!…Early morning miserable weather…very grim!

On my way to another session at school of preparing for September.



Tuesday 28th  July 2020

Full steam ahead!

Definitely the early morning ferry on its way to docking. Just about to pass the second of the two lighthouses at the village of Paul. ( It is coloured red in the photo)

P&O Ferry


Wednesday 29th July 2020

Fairer weather welcomes me to good old Beverley. Every time I cycle there it’s great when I come across some great history items:
This statue depicts the heavy warehouse history once along the Beverley Beck

Beverley statue

Coronation Gardens – sited Just before the North Bar depicts history from the Georgian period .

Coronation Garden Sign

Coronation Garden

North Bar….a reminder of Medieval Beverley

It cost £96.00 to build…I wonder what amount that relates to in today’s money?!

North Bar Sign

North Bar


Thursday 30th July 2020

Back to the East of Hull….interesting, unusual garden items have helped light up my travels quite regularly.
Another totem pole (showed one in a previous diary entry)…this one in the Winestead area….with a silver cockerel in the same garden!
These diary entries are sent to our Charities and hospital wards to show them of our adventures and endeavour to keep raising awareness of the importance of Physical and Mental Health.
LOVE YOUR BODY. LOVE YOUR MIND ….we still await our opportunity to start revisiting our charities and hospital wards.
Whitr Cottage




Friday 31st July 2020

I hope this photo helps to cheer up our children’s wards…more interesting garden features: -Postman Pat and Bob the Builder – If you look closer you can also pick out a scallywag Simpson on his skateboard!!

Postman Pat


Saturday 1st August 2020

Never, on all my travels during this Charity Challenge have I come across such a crazy sign ….but quite sad really.

Why would anyone attempt to cut a horses hair?


Sunday 2nd August 2020

Still far out East….certainly the most decorative road direction sign I have come across.

Mellennium Sign

104 miles this week.

Total now =2,950

I have been sent some lovely messages.

Our raising awareness ‘Healthy School’s Crusade’ about Physical and Mental Health has had  a lovely response.

St Andrew