The Story So Far

The Story So Far

Week 22

Monday 20th July 2020

Cycled to school again:-
Today was all about being at school early to finalise classroom arrangements and display.

All looking good.

Our school values central to everything: Love, Trust, Forgiveness and Endurance.

I have really developed ‘Endurance’ on my Charity bike ride!!! Reception

Mrs Byford
Family Art Gallery

Love is all


Tuesday 21st  July 2020

Another journey to the foreshore – Humber Bridge in the distance…Piggy and Scally trying to sunbathe (even though the sun kept hiding behind clouds!)

Humber Bridge


Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Tranquil setting of the village of Ryehill in the early morning sun.





Thursday 23rd July 2020

Amazing creatures!

I arrived at school to spot this bird wanting to play football!
Also, as I started my journey, I spotted another fox and tried to take it’s photo but without success. However, as I returned to my bike something moved near my foot. If you look carefully you can see a shrew – I was lucky with the photo as in the blink of an eye it had scampered away into the bushes.

Football Bird



Friday 24th July 2020

Hessle Road and Anlaby Road displaying those wonderful reminders of Hull’s fishing heritage.

St Andrews Ward




The history of the fishing industry includes acknowledgement of the sacrifice of many fisherman as they braved the terrible dangers of the violent seas.

Each of these memorial boards list over 2,000 names of fishermen who never returned – there are four boards!
The photos contain our ‘Gift of Love’ in respect for their bravery.



Triple Trawler Tragedy

Saturday 25th July 2020

Gorgeous early morning…came across this field on my travels with horses almost completely surrounded by geese!   But all very peaceful and tranquil in the sunshine.

Corn Field


Sunday 26th July 2020

Another lovely start to the day. Returned to the Keyingham Marsh area.
Had the company of my missus for this journey.
She has given me fantastic support as I rise very early, sometimes accidentally waking up family members as I prepare for the day’s journey often at the unearthly hour of 3.00  or 4.00 am.
All for a good cause!
unnamed (1)
Managed another 85 miles this week. Total mileage is now 2,846.

Love Your Body. Love Your Mind.