The Story So Far

The Story So Far

Week 21

Monday 13th July 2020

We had our final group do their 10 mile bike challenge with me and Nhsy.

GH School Last Pupil Challenge

Bike Challeng last 3

Bike Challenge last Set Off

We had to keep on the premises but these fantastic kids did the challenge with great spirit and determination- 80 laps around the Large Playground….and raised over £170 towards our funds for our various Charities.


Tuesday 14th  July 2020

I’ve come across many fantastic signs and symbols showing appreciation for the gallant work of our NHS….but none as pretty as this flower bed in the village of Burstwick in honour of our hospital heroes.

NHS Flowers

Wednesday 15th July 2020

As dawn breaks I capture the sun just rising above the horizon.


I adore the war memorials in the villages – this photo taken just next to the memorial at Thorngumbald which I have passed on many occasions.


At school, Y6 Leavers and their mums pop in for end of year events- all within safety restrictions and strict social distancing.

Mother and Son Small Playground

The transition ‘bubbles’ were a huge success as parents and children met their new teachers.

Familes Social Distancing

Thursday 16th July 2020

The sun shone on our great Y6 pupils as they attend our Drive In Leavers Assemblies.

Large Playground Worship

Large Playground Worship Front Photo
On my travels I have seen many inspiring sights and signs.

Here we have a house still decked out in honour of Captain Tom…..his spirit seems very appropriate on this day of Y6 children moving on.

Be strong, kids – have the same spirit and determination as Captain Tom as you move on to your Secondary Schools and beyond.

House Window

This garden message, again, gives good advice for our Y6 children …please strive for having: HEALTH, HOPE, HARMONY and HAPPINESS.

God Bless

Health Planks

Friday 17th July 2020

Very early start…a touch cloudy to start with but Scally and Piggy had great fun on the tractors and were delighted to come across a  cowboy on the road to Withernsea!

We do have some memorable adventures.



Saturday 18th July 2020

Just a reminder that Scally and friends(Piggy and Nhsy) are with me at all times as I travel North, South, East and West.

Old Main Street in Hessle looking peaceful in the morning sunshine with its distinctive church  towering over the village.

Hessle Square



Sunday 19th July 2020

 I feel hypnotised by the sun as I pedal around Hull and the East Riding.Such beautiful English countryside.
Here, we have a good old scarecrow doing its job in the fields – the old fashioned methods of scaring the birds off the seeds still seem to work.
Also, the brightness of the early sunshine (photo taken at 5.15am) created this clear shadow image of my bike with Nhsy (the NHS Lionheart) on my back. Remember: He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.
GH Shadow
Over 100 miles this week. Total now standing at 2,761.
Love Your Body. Love Your Mind.