The Story So Far

The Story So Far

Week 18

Monday 22nd June 2020

Aiming to reach the 2,500 mile target this week. Will need to have more very early starts in order to fit in the mileage so as not to be late for work!…

Today starts with sunshine and rusty old boats along the River Humber…..with sunflowers covering the front door of the old school house at Paull!!

Rusty Boats

Fence Rusty BoatsOld School Paull
With this early morning tour of the villages and mileage to school and return, another 35 miles to the total.


Tuesday 23rd June 2020

4.00 am start…mega journey today …I have the target of 2,500 miles well and truly in my sight!
4.35am – the sun rises.

Sunset Beverley

Another lovely ‘Thank You’ message to the NHS outside Beverley Minster.

Beverley Minster NHS Sign

One of my main targets this morning was Beverley Racecourse – reached at 6.00am

Beverley Racecouse
Quite a journey today – round trip of 55 miles.  Includes reaching school for my morning duties….never realised I could pedal so fast!


Wednesday 24th June 2020

A ‘sprint’ all the way to Skidby Mill…beautiful early morning sunshine. As you can see, Skidby Mill celebrates its 200th birthday next year.

Skidby Windmill Sign
This journey brings my grand total to 2,445…..just 5 more miles before I reach the big old 2,500 mile target!!


Thursday 25th June 2020

Real anticipation today of achieving the target of 2,500 miles.
Important to be ready for another (hopefully) beautiful sun rise.

Journey started at 4.00 am…by 4.35 the sun was just starting to show its smiley face…..eventually beaming at our achievement – 2,500 miles but we will still keep going until our school returns to some sort of normality after the traumas of ‘lockdown’ and social distancing

Dark Bike

Sunset in Field
Senset Close up
Senset Bike


Friday 26th June 2020

After target has now been reached, I feel more of a relaxed approach in choosing the various destinations – some short others longer distances in the knowledge that now target has been reached, I can keep’ totting up ‘the total at leisure in building further awareness of our chosen Charities and the splendid work of the NHS in our Children’s Hospital Wards.

Another beautiful morning….large ship  in the distance and everywhere I cycle along the country roads near the River Humber there are beauty spots

North Sea Ferry

I have travelled to Stone Creek/Sunk Island area on many occasions –

Humber View


Saturday 27th June 2020

Returned to the Hessle area. Bright and early before the roads become busier. Also, showers forecast to be on the way !
Hessle Rugby and Cricket Club
Hessle High NHS Poster

Sunday 28th June 2020

Very  windy, but sunny at the dawn of day….and a lone fox spotted in the middle of this field. Managed to catch the early sun before the expected rain!
Sunset across the field
A marvellous week. Target reached but I intend to keep totting up the miles:-

2,500 reached at approximately 5.00 am on Thursday 25th June.
By the end of the week the total had reached 2,533 miles.

Love Your Body. Love Your Mind.

God Bless our Children’s Wards and our Chosen Charities:-

British Heart Foundation

Teenage Cancer Trust

Cancer Research

Water Aid


Diabetes UK

Dove House Hospice