The Story So Far

The Story So Far

Week 16


Monday 8th June

Fine weather to start the week.
Cycled to school with my mate Nhsy on my back.
Social distancing for everyone
Playground Safety Staff
and, of course, plenty of hand washing!
Hand Washing Station

Tuesday 9th June

My journey took me to North Kingswood to visit one of my last remaining schools – Broadacre Primary.
Broadacre Primary School
Even the building sites are honouring our fantastic NHS
Building Site

Wednesday 10th June

Very early start …raining. The reflection in the puddle is a street light – not the moon!
Bike Road
Just 10 miles today.
Journeyed through the early morning gloom to  a number of villages: Camerton, Burstwick, Keyingham, Lelley….Horses wherever I went.
Field Two Horses
Field Horse
Two Horses
Cycling close to lots of different stables and even statues of horses!
One Horse 1
Scally looks fast asleep as he waited for me at this particular stable at Lelley (Mind you, it was still only 5.15 am!).
Horse Box
Scally still trying to sleep …using the statue as a pillow!
Horse Stature
Our journeys sometimes encounter unexpected problems. This particular short cut proved to be unsuccessful!!
Missing Bridge Sign

Thursday 11th June

My final school reached at approx 6.00 am on Thursday.
Highlands Primary School
Every school in Hull has now been visited + lots in the East Riding.
Love Your Body, Love Your Mind.
All schools visited but the journey continues…..
GH School

Friday 12th June

Another 20 mile round trip to school….torrential from start of journey until finish. I was one soggy fella! My partner (Nhsy on my back) was like a squeeze sponge by the time we had arrived home!
Playgrounds waterlogged…
Flooded Small Playground
Flooded Large Playground
driving conditions dangerous. Scally was trying to keep dry under cover! (What a wimp!).
Dangarous Road

Saturday 13th June

Another trip  to a ‘village’ close to my heart. Sutton was one of my play areas when I was a lad.  Full of history: some cottages date back well over a century (in a couple of cases over two centuries!).
One of the old school houses behind the Methodist Church. Flags flying.
These homes, near to St James Church, housed fugitives of the Spanish Civil War of the 1930’s.
Bike Fence
The other old school house in Sutton….my mother was a pupil there in the 1930’s.
Sutton & Wawne Museum

Sunday 14th June

Very misty. Early start to travel to Halsham village. Lots of history here with its medieval church ( parts date back to the 1100’s)…the famous mausoleum looking quite majestic in the morning mist and other buildings dating back to the 1500’s.
Foggy Field
All Saints Halsham
Halsham House
Medievil Church

Week 16 was another full of variety and challenges. The positive response from drivers and complete strangers remains very encouraging as I cycle the local streets and country roads and lanes. 103 miles this week bringing the total so far to 2,200.

Love Your Body, Love Your Mind