The Story So Far

The Story So Far

Week 15


Monday 1st June

Beautiful morning. I journeyed to Preston Road, Bilton Grange and Greatfield, visiting three more of the few remaining schools I haven’t yet visited.
Woodland Primary School

Giffen Primary School

Stockwell Academy
All with Nhsy the NHS Lionheart, Scally and friends.

Tuesday 2nd June

Journeyed out through Ottringham to Patrington.
More beautiful weather.
Flags still flying proudly.
Patrington Church looking majestic in the morning sun.
Patrington Church

Wednesday 3rd June

Cold, damp, stormy clouds….complete contrast to the previous last couple of weeks.
These old boats seem to sum up the change in weather languishing on the banks of the River Humber looking totally miserable – shipwrecked!
Humber Boat

Thursday 4th June

Another very early morning trip to town centre to say ‘Good Morning’ to Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria
and visit central bus station. Great messages of support for our NHS are discovered all over on my travels.
Hull Bus

Friday 5th June

Early morning wet weather, very wet. It eventually cleared but I, and my cuddly friend, Nhsy – on my back- were quite soggy!
My journeys took me to Northumberland Avenue and a great  ‘history wall’ depicting a  street ‘Peace Party’ celebrating the end of
World War 1.
Street Party Both
Street Party
First World War Write Up
So much history in and around out great city. Cycling gives you more opportunities to enjoy the historic gems in our streets.

Saturday 6th June

More heavy rain….puddles becoming longer and wider as I cycle along the country roads.
Wet Road 1
Wet Road
Only 8 miles today….but each mile adds up!
Saturday was also D Day. – 6th June, 1944. I enclose this picture of a poppy again (shown previously in another diary entry) as a mark of respect to all those involved with D Day,1944.
We Will Remember Them.
IMG_2004 A

Sunday 7th June

Poor weather again. Reached Hedon Church by 6.20 am.
Sutton Church
Some of the country lanes I use are very lonely, very long, and now very, very, waterlogged!!!
Another varied and interesting week. Complete contrast in the weather but even in the wettest, coldest of days our spirits remain high as the total mileage now reaches 2,097.
I covered 80 miles this week which is a slight drop on my usual weekly average. No worries, my old legs will keep pedalling!!…Our chosen charities and the NHS need as much support as we can give.

Love Your Body. Love Your Mind.