The Story So Far

The Story So Far

Week Twelve

With restrictions lifted on amount of daily exercise the 1,250 Mile Challenge – already amended to 2,000 Miles is now 2,500.   We must, especially at this difficult time keep raising the profile of physical and mental health issues.
Our chosen charities will need our help more than ever after ‘lockdown’.
As will the Children’s Wards and Units we are supporting.
Love Your Body.Love Your Mind.
Monday11th May
Promising start to week 12….a beautiful early morning rainbow.
Cycling to school today – Another 20 miles to the total.
Felt it appropriate as VE Day Anniversary celebrations start  to close that I cycle to our City Centre Cenotaph….
City Cenotaph
the memories held of so very many local fallen heroes .
City Centre Cenotaph
We Will Remember Them.
Ferensway totally empty…
City Centre
mind you, it was only 5.30 am!!!

Wednesday 13th May

4.45am start…more cycling through the country lanes on my way to work.The sun was battling with the clouds in order to make it’s usual amazing appearance.

On this morning, the clouds won!
Surprising items sometimes crop up – like a horse statue in a farmers yard!!
– just part of life’s rich tapestry!!!
Thursday 14th May
I couldn’t let our activities close completely around the VE Day Anniversary without cycling to the  ‘Jack Harrison VC neighbourhood’.
Jack Harrison
Hero of World War One,superstar legend of Hull FC.
No matter which war, our heroes must always be remembered.
Hull Fair Street (Walton Street) showing a complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of Hull Fair week…
Walton Street
Then onto Hessle Road, I had to honour Jack Harrison by cycling passed the Boulevard area
as well as acknowledging the bomb damage suffered in this area as I mentioned in last week’s diary when I visited East Hull bomb sites.
Hessle Road-
Hessle Road
Once the absolute trawler fishing centre of the world….so much history and character.
Friday 15th May
Back to the country roads and lanes.
This morning the sun managed to burst through the clouds in sparkling style.
Sun Rise
If you look very carefully at the next photo you can hopefully just make out three young deer having their breakfast!!
Saturday 16th May
I headed towards City Centre again today. This view from Drypool Bridge looking towards the Flood Barrier has been a previous diary entry – but usually when I pass it is all lit up in the dark. It was nice to see it this morning in reasonable daylight – 5.00am
Tidal Barriar
I then paid a visit to another of our local heroes- William Wilberforce.
I caught a picture of the sun really bursting through the early morning clouds-
Sun Rise

photo taken looking back towards Alfred Gelder Street from Queen Victoria Square.

I’m still visiting Hull schools and other education establishments.- I have approx 10 more to visit and then I’ve completed the ‘entire set’-100% of schools visited.
This picture is of Southcoates Primary School off Preston Road.

Sunday 17th May
Another early start. 4.25 am.
I have always been mesmerised by the glory and majesty of the early morning skies.
Sun Rise
Travelled today to the Victoria Dock area.
Victoria Dock

 IMG_1745 crop

Two notable incidents: the first occurred  just passed Hedon when three young deer jogged, momentarily, alongside me before disappearing into the bushes. – They were beautiful.
The second occurred just as I was about to enter Victoria Dock – I saw a fox on the kerb side but, unlike other occasions when I see a fox they scoot off quickly. This one never moved.
As I approached – ever closer- it still never moved and then I realised why….it had two young fox cubs suckling milk from her.
Gorgeous- don’t any one ever tell me that starting my journeys so early is crazy.

There is so much life…so much to admire under those beautiful dawn skies.Another 105 miles this week. Total is now 1,810 Miles.

2,500 miles doesn’t seem too far away!!!!