The Story So Far

The Story So Far

Week 11


Monday 4th May

Moody, miserable, murky Monday!

On my way to work – absolutely drenched.

Murky Road Horiz l




Tuesday 5th May

The sun returns!

Daily exercise early morning to Keyingham…..


old windmill converted to a home.


So much history …last week defunct Station Houses, today – an old windmill.

Wednesday 6th May

In the midst of Coronavirus and rainbows in windows, lovely surprise to see this sign down a remote country lane on  my early morning exercise – rainbows everywhere – even a lake!


As I took this photo I heard my first cuckoo of the year!
Couldn’t actually find the lake…

until I turned another corner and there, hiding behind the bushes…

Rainbow Lake!


Thursday 7th May

Cycled to work. Burstwick Church ….
more History
….looking steadfast and strong in the morning sun.
Steadfast and strong was an important characteristic of the World War 2 generation.
Much interest at school from our families involved in various projects related to our VE Day 75th Anniversary celebrations.


Tomorrow we launch our  own special ‘Heroes Gallery’(See our website,)


Friday 8th May -VE Day!

Wherever I went, you could feel the Community Spirit and National Pride.
This memorial at Thorngumbald is made completely out of knitted poppies.
IMG_1584 (1)


IMG_1590 (1)The church at Thorngumbald had doves of peace on its Cross of Jesus-


with a lovely prayer fastened to the church gates.

IMG_1611 (1)

We Will Remember Them.


Saturday 9th May

Used my daily exercise to explore surrounding villages.

Scally, my bear, wanted to join me at this memorial in Paull, (Can you see him next to the small flag?)

IMG_1598 (1)

then on to Fort Paull.

Homes looking splendid with their flags and bunting.

IMG_1614 (1) 






Sunday 10th May

Torrential rain, strong winds today as I set off on my daily exercise.
Visited the dock land area of East Hull which was just one of those areas –


as well as places such as Hessle Road, Beverley Road, Stoneferry – along the industrial sector of the River Hull, City Centre, all of which experienced  damage during World War 2.

Those living closest to the docks were hit the worst.
Green spaces now occupy the land where there was once family homes – until the nights of the bombing raids. Many were destroyed….many civilians, young and old, were killed. There are many such ‘bomb sites’ across Hull.IMG_1640

I placed our ‘Gift of Love’ in these pictures as a mark of respect for all those who lost their lives

Week 11….mileage has now reached 1,705.