Science at St Andrew’s

Through our teaching of Science, we aim to encourage children’s natural curiosity and enquiring minds.

A practical/investigative approach is used to assist our pupils in gaining an understanding of the world around them.

The Science curriculum is divided into four main areas: Scientific enquiry, Biology, physics and Chemistry. The opportunity to investigate their own questions, gain new knowledge, collect and record results are used to engage our pupils.

The school benefits from a science garden, nature areas, a pond and allotments for all of our children to experience. Carrying out investigations, bug hunts, planting and growing seeds are all great ways to get your child involved in Science at home.

Photos of Space-themed entries to our Easter Egg competition this year.

Going for Gold!

To be Gold in Science:

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Problem Solving in Science!


  • I can investigate a question and reach an answer.
  • I can suggest my own question to investigate.
  • I can decide how to carry put a test.
  • I can select the best material for a job, giving reasons for my choice.
  • I can suggest reasons why a test works/doesn’t work.
  • I can give my results to make a conclusion.
  • I can use concept cartoons to answer questions.
  • I am given the opportunity to find out/investigate for myself.

Assessment in Science

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Year 1

Science Year 1

Year 2

Science Year 2

Year 3

Science Year 3

Year 4

Science Year 4

Year 5

Science Year 5

Year 6

Science Year 6

Environment Day

Science Updates


Today saw Miss Taylor’s Year 5 class learning about about planets in our Solar System. An essential part of their learning involved the making of a piece of artwork showing the order from the sun. The order of the planets from closest to the Sun outwards is; Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.  ... read more

Chocolate Apples…yum…yum

Chocolate Apples for everyone! We have been learning about healthy foods and we know that eating apples are good for us becuase they are a fruit. Chocolate is ok as a treat and we used chocolate to melt and cover on our tasty apples. We talked about the way the chocolate melts when it gets hot and it drips on the apple. We took home our lovely treats. We also remembered to brush our teeth after eating... read more

Shake, rattle, listen and play.

We have been exploring the musical instruments, listening out for the different sounds they make. We testing what sounds the made when we shook, tapped and moved them from side to side.  Some of them make a loud sound and some are quieter. We like to explore how we can make different sounds with the... read more

Autumn 2018

It has been a lovely start to the Reception year. Children have been exploring the Reception classrooms and the wonderful natural outside areas within the school. Here are some of the learning activities children have been engaged in: Exploring the changes in in the seasons We looked at the changes to the season and sang songs to recall how the weather changes during the seasons. We explored the outdoor area collecting the different coloured leaves that the wind had blown to the floor. We listened to the sounds outside and the crunch that the dry leaves made. We also used our skills to hear initial sounds in words and match the objects to the letter on the sorting tray.             We collected them and compared size and colour. We ordered them by size, counting the amount we have and saying what one more than the amount would be.       We completed hand and fingerprint trees to represent the different seasons for our Art Day challenge: Can you guess which tree represents which season?  ... read more

Global Awareness – Project Cecil: Saving Endangered Animals

Project Cecil The whole school has taken part in a project to research endangered animals as part of a whole school homework.  The homework was completed by everyone and included some wonderful pieces of research and art, in the form of T-shirt designs. Project Cecil is a charity to promote understanding and the protection of endangered animals world wide and was started by Lorna Good (a teacher in Ohio, Columbus,USA.) Her children have been involved in some wonderful enterprise work including campaign adverts, rock painting and creating t-shirts for sale across the world.  At St Andrew’s School, we understand our responsibilities as global citizens to look after the world that God has loaned to us. We have joined forces with the Project Cecil Network and are looking forward to entering some of our t shirt designs into the competition, the winners of which will be made into T shirts. We have displayed a selection of outstanding work in the Lower School Hall. The runners up for each phase are: Phase 1 – Thomas Burton (Nursery) Sam Ulyatt (Year 1) Phase 2 – Harley Hobson (Year 2) Super Research by Alfie Brown. Year 3 Phase 3 – Jay Johnson (Year 5) Kieran Hildyard (Year 6) The Winners of the T Shirt Design Competition are: Phase 1 – Fletcher Nolan (Reception) Phase 2 – Holly Fieldsend (Year 3) Phase 3 – Oliver Barrass (Year 4)   Well done for the wonderful creations and research which really showed off the quality of our cross curricular skills. The RE and Geography Team will be working on this project further and will keep you... read more

Science Career Day

Our children had a fantastic time on Science Day, finding out about different science careers. Our aim was to promote STEM subjects in primary school.

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Science Trips

Children across the school were involved in planning their own school trips linked to our Book Of Numbers Enterprise Project. This involved using skills to research possible locations, planning the journey, financial management (including value for money, costing up different options etc), debate and voting on their choice.

Nursery and Reception visited Piglet Farm

Year 1 and Year 4 visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Year 2 visited The Deep aquarium

Year 3 visited Tropical World

Year 6 visited Scarborough Sealife Centre and the beach

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Problem Solving In Science

As well as developing our science skills we try to enhance our problem solving abilities too. Here Year 6 are using circuits to solve problems such as how can you make a motor spin more slowly? Can you make a buzzer louder?   Year 5 pupils were set the challenge of separating a mixture of water, sand, a marble and a paper clip. They were given a selection of equipment and had to work out for themselves how it could be done.... read more

Strawberry Milkshakes – Enterprise

After harvesting the strawberries from our school allotment, the children in Year 6 decided to make strawberry milkshakes. They washed and blended the strawberries, created an advertising leaflet and worked out their costings. The milkshakes were sold on the playground at home time and proved to be very popular. We then linked this to our science work by carrying out an investigation to find out how to preserve... read more