School Improvement

Our staff and governing body are committed to ensuring that outcomes for our pupils are judged at least good. We want our school to be outstanding and some of the ways in which we have developed since our last inspection that have shown an impact on standards are detailed on the document you will find if you follow the link to the right.

School Self Evaluation

The file is our Self Evaluation Document – known as our SEF (Self Evaluation Form).


This document is updated regularly…


Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)



SIAMS Self Evaluation

SIAMS Self Eval St Andrews 2019

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)

SIAMS inspection focuses on the effect that the Christian ethos of the church school has on the children and young people who attend it. The principal objective of SIAMS inspection is to evaluate the distinctiveness and effectiveness of the school as a church school.

This document is our self-evaluation of St Andrew’s as a Church school.

Overall Priorities 2019/2020

The Overall Priorities document is an outline of the overall priorities in our School Development Plan. It also includes our success criteria (aims) for 2019/20. These are based on the new expectations, curriculum and the changes to assessing children.

Improving Achievement

The link will take you to our Raising Achievement Plan, which details the ways in which Staff and Governors continually strive to improve achievement.