Piper Castle

by Ethan

Great ICT  skills by Ethan (Y2) when producing a ‘Castle Description’ as he learned all about castles.

….Very impressive.


Positive thinking from James(Y3) who is keeping fit and doing a real variety of fantastic work at home.

Great reading, maths, writing and research.


Lily Phillips

A variety of  top notch work, from home, produce by Lily, one of our Reception superstars!


FInlay (Y5) proudly displays his car that he has made at home.

A fantastic piece of creative work.


We celebrate Lydia as the most improved player of the season 2019/2020.

Isabella Bridgeman

Isabella (Y3) has been reading a great deal of books during lockdown reading at least 18 very long books.

What an absolute super reader.

Here is what mum had to say about Isabella’s reading.

‘I wanted to share a picture of Isabella and some of the books she has read during lockdown. She has read at least 18 very long books. She even read 3 of the David Walliams books in just 2 days. She is doing really well and costing me a small fortune in books.’

Joshua Abbott

Joshua (Y2)…has learnt to make everyone’s bed in the morning!

He also washes the pots and enjoys making his own corned beef sandwiches!


Amira in Reception… is now cycling without having stabilisers.

Fletcher Sharp

The hot, scorching sun has prompted Fletcher (Y2) to design a super poster to remind everyone to be careful when outside.

Well Done, Fletcher

Living Things Project

by Samuel Sandy

Samuel’s (Y6) Living Thing Project  has been produced to a high standard and is a great example of how cross curricular work is done (Maths, geography, art, science and English).


Ryan D

The amount of basic skills work being done at home by our children is impressive.Here is one example of work from Ryan D’s (Y4).

Well done, Ryan

Daisy Cummings

Daisy (Y1) has been working hard at home on  a great deal of cross curricular activities. Daisy has enjoyed producing some great pirate work on her Year 1 pirate project including adding money, making maps and making other pirate accessories.

She has also set up her own investigation to find out which product cleaned coins the best.