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February 2020

Two weeks of Raywell – The Y3 and Y5 kids have been wonderful.                 I hope they treasure their memories of the Raywell  experience. Unusual,          character building,    challenging, fun, exciting but above all… just letting kids be... read more

Y5 Raywell Group 2 Day 2

A good night’s sleep followed by early morning exercises. Weather wet but a lot calmer so we took the opportunity and went hiking straight after breakfast!    The team have really bonded. Children in both groups this week tell me they have been looking forward to the Raywell experience ‘for months.’    Disco/Party means plenty of rockin’ and rollin’.    St. Andrews Kids – The... read more

Y5 Change Over Day

Group 1 return home. Welcome Group 2. Both groups embraced as if they had not seen each other for years!! As Group 1 departed, Group 2 were straight into their activities – sprints, Piggy backing, rolling down Raywell hill. Quizzes, Raywell raps, model structures, catwalk fashion! Good fun! Kids already excited about tomorrows muddy hike (I’m sure our St.Andrew’s children are crazy!) Best photographs of the day at... read more

Y5 Raywell Group 1 Day 2

A crazy very stormy night. Most kids slept through the high wind. Weather very changeable during the day – rain, wind, calm spells, bright sunshine at times and a snow blizzard!   We shortened the hike considerable but still a mud challenge!    Some kiddies comments really showing their enjoyment – ‘Can we stay all week?’ ‘Can we come back again next week?’ Its great to see children get together as a super team.    Best photographs of the day at Raywell.... read more

Y5 Raywell Group 1 Day 1

The day after the storm!    Still windy but bearable. Children well prepared. Group 1 seem to be a good team- encouraging each other doing exercises and the sprints.   Great fun rolling down the Raywell hill and piggy backs.        Kite flying – great in the windy weather. Here’s hoping for a good nights sleep!!   Best photographs of the day at... read more

Y3 Raywell Group 2 Day 2

Fog! Friday started with Raywell shrouded in deep, thick mist.                                         But our crazy kids soon lit the place up with their beaming faces. By lunchtime the sun was shining beautifully.     Our hike have almost become legendary – the sheer joy of our children being outside, facing the challenge of a hike, loving the mud… and… loving being scallywags! Another great group… -o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o Next week Y5! All day and all night at... read more

Y3 Raywell Group 2 Day 1

A beautiful, beautiful day – frosty but lovely sunshine. Children so excited. One child commented during activities: ‘This is better than playing video games!’ Brilliant! Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds! Well done kids – remember to be well prepared for tomorrow... read more

Y3 Raywell Group 1 Day 2

Just as crazy as Day 1. What a lovely group of scallywags.         The hike challenge was on!         Did we find any mud? – Oh Yes! Lots and lots. They loved it!! Kids being kids – it really is a joy to see their smiley, cheeky faces enjoy such a crazy time. Well done children. Group 2 – be ready for your... read more

Y3 Raywell – Group 1 Day 1

Sunny! but still muddy. What a  lovely group of kids – sprinting, piggy backing, team challenges with hula hoops – all sorts of good healthy fun.             Children even checking their own packed lunch to make sure they have water only – great! One kiddie showed pride in telling me ‘ Remember Mr Huckstep – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, WOW! Well done kids. Day two tomorrow – be ready for the hike! Parents be ready for the dirty clothes!!! (Sorry!)                                                   ... read more

The Hike

All the children finished the hike – well done kids. It was a bit... read more

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