Physical Education



Through our teaching of P.E, we aim to encourage children to keep active, healthy and motivated. The P.E curriculum is split up into dance, gymnastics and invasion games. Our school offers a wide range of fun extra-curricular clubs. The children have many links with the local community, including visits to Ennerdale sports centre and Monkey Bizness. The School benefits from having sports and dance coaches coming in on a regular basis. Outside of school you can happily keep your child fit and active by cycling, swimming, going for walks and playing ball games.

Sports and Clubs

St Andrew’s provides a wide range of extra curricular clubs.  Mr Huckstep takes the children for regular football, rugby and keep fit sessions throughout the year and staff at the school take pride in providing the children with a balanced curriculum, running clubs in a morning, lunchtime and after school for a variety of activities which come from the children’s ideas and needs.

Information of club numbers and attendance can be found on our PE Sports Funding page.


The school has had regular visits from a yoga coach during Dazzle on a Friday. She has shown the children how to relax, stretch and use different breathing techniques. The children thoroughly enjoy her sessions.


The school is very fortunate to have a dance teacher from one of the popular dance schools in Hull,  Gemma’s Gems. The dance coach works with all children on a weekly basis, developing the children’s confidence and dance skills. This has improved the boys dancing skills and has made them more engaged in dance sessions.


The school’s sports coach works with all classes including the Foundation Stage. Developing the children’s confidence and skills. She works closely with all teaching staff to develop staff training needs and enhance the PE curriculum. She takes the children for extra curricular club sessions which run throughout the year.

Here are some photographs of the children enjoying just some of our lunch time and after school clubs.

Mrs Fenton, our school sports coach, works with each year group to deliver their PE curriculum objectives. Here are some photographs of her coaching different skills:


Going for Gold!



To be Gold in PE:
  • Children will go beyond the requirements of the PE objectives for their year group.
  • They will be able to evaluate own and others work.
  • They will participate in a range of sports skills confidently and independently.
  • Children will be able to play team games.




Problem Solving!



  • I can experiment with different ways of travelling and throwing.
  • In can decide which pass to use during invasion games.
  • I can decide which type of equipment to use for each sport.
  • I can suggest ideas to improve my performance.
  • I can decide which strategy to use for each sport.
  • I can investigate questions and reach an answer.


Ways to help keep your child fit and healthy outside of school

  1. Walk, scooter or cycle to and from school together as often as possible.
  2. Build a den or treehouse with them in the school holidays. Or, under supervision, encourage them to climb a tree or two.
  3. Go roller skating, rollerblading or skateboarding, indoors or outside. In winter, go ice skating.
  4. Do an activity challenge together, such as training for a fun run or charity walk..
  5. Take the dog for a walk. If you don’t have one of your own, ask if you can borrow a friend or neighbour’s dog.
  6. Support your children in sports, clubs or any other activities that may interest them. Joining a weekend club sport encourages them to make a commitment to a team and regular exercise.
  7. Find time every weekend to do something active with your children. Play frisbee or football in the park, go trampolining, or try indoor rock climbing.
  8. Fly a kite.
  9. Take a trip to the beach. Beaches offer loads of ways for kids to get active, including games, rock-pooling, swimming, and plenty of running around. Or try an activity-based holiday.
  10. Go for a walk and explore the environment where you live.


Windass helps St Andrew’s to learn about Hull’s sporting heritage!

Dean Windass visited St Andrew’s to talk to the children about Hull’s sporting heritage.  The children took part in a question and answer session as pupils quizzed Windass about his career.



PE Updates


Year 6 PE Racket Activities

Year 6 was participating in indoor physical education activities that will help develop their flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance linked to the national curriculum. Pupils develop a broader range of skills by playing indoor competitive games, (badminton, table tennis and bouncing ball) which allow pupils to apply basic principles that are suitable for attacking and... read more

PE and Problem Solving

The Pelican class using their problem solving skills within PE. The children had to use team work and effective communication in order to be the first team to reach the other side of the hall transporting all the equipment and ensuring all team members made it to the... read more

Year 5 Bikeability

The Year 5 children received specialist training on how to ride their bikes safely. The first session took place on our school playground, then for the following sessions the groups moved to local streets to learn how to turn left and right at junctions.

read more

PE Day

During PE day we have been learning about how to control the ball in football. We looked at different parts of the body and how we could use the inside or outside of our feet to kick the ball and the bottom of the foot to stop it. We worked as individuals to weave the ball carefully through the coloured dots, negotiating space carefully. We also used team work to pass the ball back and forth to each other.... read more

Dazzle Delights!

Dazzle is a fun time at the end of the week when we try something new or practise something exciting. Here are some of the exciting Dazzle activities we have done so far: Balance beam PE problem Solving: Creating our own balance course. The children noticed that that the blocks could be moved to creating different letters and they worked together to build and test the different letter courses that they could make. They used their arms to keep balance. We are all special and unique! We have been looking at the story of Elmer the elephant. Elmer was a unique patchwork coloured elephant. We are also unique and we explored the different colours we created by mixing them to create our own unique sponge printed elephants. We talked about how we all have different likes and dislikes and that many of us have things that we are good at. Elmer’s super power was the ability to make people happy. We shared what we thought was our super powers and decorated super hero masks.         Pizza Making : The county we have been learning about this term is Italy. Children have been encouraged to use the reply Ciao! when replying to the register and we have made some super yummy pizza.  ... read more

Learning Maths through PE

The children in Year one have been developing their Maths skills through PE.  The children had to count how many times their friend could bounce and catch a ball, hop, skip and jump. They then recorded their... read more

PE Day

The children In Year 5 designed and made their own sports games. They used a range of skills such as problem solving, teamwork, negotiating and creative thinking. The children in Year 1 completed Mini Olympic activities. This is a photograph of them trying out the shot put. The Children in Year 3 worked with our school’s sports coach completing a range of sporting activities. They linked in Maths to count their heart rate.   The Reception Children worked with our Dance coach, copying simple dance... read more

Gymnastics in Year 1

The children in Year 1 have been having lots of fun, learning how to balance using different body parts. They have used a variety of skills such as problem solving, self evaluation and... read more

Going for Gold In Football

KS2 children in Football have been developing their technical, social, physical and psychological skills. They have also been learning rules and different roles in football such as linesmen and... read more