Pupil Voice Geography

I like geography because we get to walk around the school and find all of the secret hiding places.

Reception Pupil

I liked visiting Bude Park with my friends and looking at our local area.

Year 3 Pupil

In Geography pupils develop their knowledge of people and places to understand the physical, social and economic forces which shape those places and the lifestyles of the people who live there. Though their knowledge of the wider world is important for a holistic growth, we also encourage children to explore and investigate the world around them and further a field, comparing environments through both their physical and human attributes The children develop their skills through topics, learning to use maps to locate cities, countries, mountain ranges, rivers, seas and oceans. They also use atlases, photos and the internet to explore the environment and economics of those countries which they study. At St Andrew’s we teach these skills which they can later apply to a cross curricular topic.


We are also extremely proud to have obtained the International School Award in which are able to contact a primary school from India. In this we are able to share first hand knowledge of our differences and similarities. The children are encouraged to contact their pen pal through email. It has also given the children the chance to write letters with a purpose and audience.

Going for Gold!

To be Gold in Geography:

  • Children to have a wide range of knowledge of locations, places and geographical features.
  • Children should understand the changes in geographical features over time.
  • Children should have a high level of geographical enquiry skills including observing, collecting and evaluating geographical information.
  • Children to explain and understand the effects that recent physical geography has on human geography i.e. earthquakes, volcanoes and landslides.

 Geography Updates

The Deep

The visit to The Deep allowed Year Two children to inspire in various curriculum subjects while enjoying their time exploring this spectacular aquarium. Art and Design allows pupils to explore their ideas,recording their experiences by producing creative work. English allows pupils to communicate their ideas and emotions to others. Pupils first-hand experiences of science while exploring The Deep provides the pupils with a foundation for understanding the world. The Deep allows pupils to gain a curiosity and fascination about the world which links to... read more

Chinese New Year

The Year of the Pig -2019 In Reception, we have been excited to learn about Chinese New Year. We listened to the story and talked about the traditions in the Chinese culture, exploring lantern making, food tasting and dragon design. It was wonderful to compare the celebrations with events such as New Year and  Christmas which many of the children had recently experienced. We look forward to talking about other cultural events and traditions in our community throughout the rest of the year. We practised using Chinese chopsticks to eat our Chinese food items. We used card, tissue paper and ticks to create our... read more

Year 3 Visit to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Year 3 Visit the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster Following on from the wonderful success of project Cecil and Project Genesis, the children in Year 3 visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to get up and close with some of the wild creatures at the park. The park is part of a series of wildlife conservation projects which fuelled their interest and passion about the world we live... read more

Project Genesis

The Genesis Project is a school wide initiative that encourages children to see the beauty in the world around them and to remind them that it is theirs to share, respect and enjoy. The Project was split into two parts: Part 1 – Children were encouraged to share an idea that to help look after the world. In less than 30 words, children puts these ideas in many forms, letters, statements, poems. These ideas and creative suggestions have now been sent to embassies all over the world including: Russia, China, USA, and a selection of European and African countries worldwide. We look forward to hearing back from the officials at the Embassies. Here is a selection of the ideas: Part 2 – Design Project We asked each family to think about how they care for the world. Each family was challenged to create a design to logo similar to the ‘Keep Britain Tidy Logo’ that will reflect our aim to show how we can ‘Save our World’. Examples of some of the fantastic art work: The Christian belief that God has created a beautiful world for all to share and respect is important to the St Andrew’s School community. Our world is a place of diversity in all its many forms and we cherish it. We look forward in hearing back from the embassies who we contacted and will be taking part in more challenges to highlight our desire to improve and protect the wonderful world we live... read more


This term Reception have been learning all about Italy. During dazzle, the children enjoyed  making pizza and practising counting to ten in Italian. Over the next term, the children will be taking a tour of Italy making and trying different famous Italian dishes whilst learning about what it is like to live in... read more

Autumn 2018

It has been a lovely start to the Reception year. Children have been exploring the Reception classrooms and the wonderful natural outside areas within the school. Here are some of the learning activities children have been engaged in: Exploring the changes in in the seasons We looked at the changes to the season and sang songs to recall how the weather changes during the seasons. We explored the outdoor area collecting the different coloured leaves that the wind had blown to the floor. We listened to the sounds outside and the crunch that the dry leaves made. We also used our skills to hear initial sounds in words and match the objects to the letter on the sorting tray.             We collected them and compared size and colour. We ordered them by size, counting the amount we have and saying what one more than the amount would be.       We completed hand and fingerprint trees to represent the different seasons for our Art Day challenge: Can you guess which tree represents which season?  ... read more

French Fantastic

In Reception, we have been exploring French through language and culture. For our medieval topic we compared the different styles of British and French castles. We found out about the different 3D shapes that were used and the features of castles. As an enterprise (den) project we created our very own castles using our enterprise skills of : Communication Teamwork Problem solving Creativity Here are some of the fantastic castles that we have made: Reception Castles... read more

Global Awareness – Project Cecil: Saving Endangered Animals

Project Cecil The whole school has taken part in a project to research endangered animals as part of a whole school homework.  The homework was completed by everyone and included some wonderful pieces of research and art, in the form of T-shirt designs. Project Cecil is a charity to promote understanding and the protection of endangered animals world wide and was started by Lorna Good (a teacher in Ohio, Columbus,USA.) Her children have been involved in some wonderful enterprise work including campaign adverts, rock painting and creating t-shirts for sale across the world.  At St Andrew’s School, we understand our responsibilities as global citizens to look after the world that God has loaned to us. We have joined forces with the Project Cecil Network and are looking forward to entering some of our t shirt designs into the competition, the winners of which will be made into T shirts. We have displayed a selection of outstanding work in the Lower School Hall. The runners up for each phase are: Phase 1 – Thomas Burton (Nursery) Sam Ulyatt (Year 1) Phase 2 – Harley Hobson (Year 2) Super Research by Alfie Brown. Year 3 Phase 3 – Jay Johnson (Year 5) Kieran Hildyard (Year 6) The Winners of the T Shirt Design Competition are: Phase 1 – Fletcher Nolan (Reception) Phase 2 – Holly Fieldsend (Year 3) Phase 3 – Oliver Barrass (Year 4)   Well done for the wonderful creations and research which really showed off the quality of our cross curricular skills. The RE and Geography Team will be working on this project further and will keep you... read more

French Lunch Day

Today the canteen was turned into a French Cafe. The children all enjoyed practising their French greetings and sampling French food. ” I like the French desserts the best” Reception Child   ” Its been fun to try food we haven’t had before and to see the Dinner Ladies dressed up” Year 2... read more