Pupil Voice Geography

I like geography because we get to walk around the school and find all of the secret hiding places.

Reception Pupil

I liked visiting Bude Park with my friends and looking at our local area.

Year 3 Pupil

In Geography pupils develop their knowledge of people and places to understand the physical, social and economic forces which shape those places and the lifestyles of the people who live there. Though their knowledge of the wider world is important for a holistic growth, we also encourage children to explore and investigate the world around them and further a field, comparing environments through both their physical and human attributes The children develop their skills through topics, learning to use maps to locate cities, countries, mountain ranges, rivers, seas and oceans. They also use atlases, photos and the internet to explore the environment and economics of those countries which they study. At St Andrew’s we teach these skills which they can later apply to a cross curricular topic.


We are also extremely proud to have obtained the International School Award in which are able to contact a primary school from India. In this we are able to share first hand knowledge of our differences and similarities. The children are encouraged to contact their pen pal through email. It has also given the children the chance to write letters with a purpose and audience.

Going for Gold!

To be Gold in Geography:

  • Children to have a wide range of knowledge of locations, places and geographical features.
  • Children should understand the changes in geographical features over time.
  • Children should have a high level of geographical enquiry skills including observing, collecting and evaluating geographical information.
  • Children to explain and understand the effects that recent physical geography has on human geography i.e. earthquakes, volcanoes and landslides.

 Geography Updates

Year 1 Arriving at Gold

Another Gold standard example of work from Year 1. The children have been expanding their knowledge of the British Isles and developing their higher level skills by locating all 4 countries, seas and also the capital cities. Brillaint work Year 1. read more

Destination: Gold

Here is an awesome and informative example of working towards gold from the Year 6s. This research topic is all about North America, our theme for the Geography Focus Day. Just like a professional travel brochure, it contains both human features (Disney Land) and physical features (The Rocky Mountains) that people may want to visit. There is also clearly labelled maps to show us where we can find North America. Brilliant research Year... read more

Science Visitor

Mike Cargill from UK STEM came to work with our Year 3 children in order to promote science, technology, engineering and maths in the primary school. The children enjoyed participating in an ice investigation linked to the Polar Explorer Project. Our science visitor Which will melt the quickest? Does heat speed up the melting? Can you make your ice cube melt the fastest? Nearly gone! We’re... read more