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In these unusual times St.Andrew’s  pupils are showing the fantastic St.Andrew’s spirit, even with the necessary restrictions, by sharing their crazy keep fit ideas.

Follow Miss Huckstep for some amazing dance routines and a full body work out for children. Staring special guest star Mr Huckstep. Miss Huckstep Main Menu Click on photograph to select video.

Keep Fit Snakes and Ladders

A great resource for keeping children fit while having fun. This resource is based on a old board game, Snakes and Ladders. There are 3 different levels so the game can be adopter for students participating at different levels of fitness.

Snakes & Ladders-1

The Human Body

Skeleton System

By Jessica

When taking part in any physical activity it is very important to warm-up before performing any activity. The warm-up session will consist of light exercise which increases circulation while stretching prepares the muscles for movements required during the activity. The warm-up will help prevent injuries by warming the muscle up preparing them for sudden movements that may be needed in any physical activity. In these photographs we see Jessica learning about about the body, organs and the skeleton system.


Human Body

By Sebastian Conley

While learning about the human body Sebastian produced this impressive, colourful picture about the inside of the human body.


Testing Heart Race

By Nicolas Wasinksi 

During exercise, the muscle cells of the body need more energy than usual, therefore the heart has to beat faster.

Nicolas has shown this by measuring his pulse rate (used to show how fast the heart is beating) before and after exercise.

For more information on the heart and the circulatory system click on the Bitesize logo.

Maegen and Nancy Whiteley

Maegen and Nancy Whiteley used their daily exercise, on Easter Sunday, to complete a family cycle ride to the marina and back. The spectacular aquarium attraction, ‘The Deep’ which is one of St Andrew’s favourite for  educational school trips could be seen on the horizon.


James taking a minute out from his bike journey to have a photograph taken for his school challenge. A great way to keep fit.

10 Fitness Challenges

Mrs Fenton set 10 fitness challenges which were original over 10 weeks.  

Week 3 – Skipping
Week 6 – Hang Tight
Week 9 – Ab Workout
Week 1 Fitness Challenge
Week 4 – Circuit
Week 7 – Shuttle Run
Week 10 – Home Dodgeball
Week 2 – Throwing & Catching
Week 5 – Tennis Ball Challenge
Week 8 – Hoop Shoot

Alice Davis

Congratulation goes to  Alice (Year 2 Nightingales) for learning to ride her bike. A great way of keeping fit and healthy while enjoying herself and seeing some wonderful sights. Have a look at some of the sights Mr Huckstep has seen in his charity bike ride, (1250 mile challenge).

Chloe Bower

Chloe Bower (Nursery) did a trampoline challenge and raised money for Dove House. Chloe proudly displays the ‘Thank you’ card that she received for her valiant effects. You did brilliantly Chloe, Well Done

Chloe Bower

Chloe, for her keep fit challenge has complete a challenge for Dove House. She completed 26 seat drops in a row.

A seat drop is fundamentally a trampoline stunt in which the performer drops to a sitting position with his legs straight then rebounds to a standing position.


For the Dole House 2.6 challenge you had the choice of completing an activity based around the numbers 26 or 2.6.

The 2.6 challenge is designed to be fun and suitable for all ages and abilities. Chloe has so far raised £130 for the charity which once again is one of the charities we are supporting.

Well Done

Miss Byford 

For Miss Byford’s fitness challenge she decided to increase her upper body strength and learn an fitness activity that she had not done before, pull-ups.
Therefore, as part of her challenge a pull-up bar had to be bought.
As a inspiration to children in St. Andrew’s school Miss Byford has wrote a story story to chart the learning progress of herself and a fitness bear called Robbie Green.
The short story, Robbie Green -The Fitness Bear, as an inspiration for children in their writing was admitted for publication on St. Andrew’s Toy Story Short Story webpage,

Click on Robbie Bear to be taken to the fitness story.

Miss Harrison

Miss Harrison submitted an example of  her fitness challenge. This tracker map shows a 5km that she competed. This run was competed at race sped  with Miss Harrison just missing out on her personal best by 15 seconds which was not bad as there was a lot of obstacles along the way.

Another tracked run submitted by Miss Harrison, this time a half marathon. Miss Harrison’s time in December 2019 was 2:06:00 and this run was 1:56:07 which is a incredible 10 minutes faster in 4 months!

Luke Foster

A tracker App was use again to map the exercise route that Luke completed for his fitness challenge. This time Luke completed a 5km walk for charity (NHS).

One fabulous idea sent in by one parent ‘ to stop the kids eating her out of house and home’ was to allow them to design a tuck shop.
They were allowed £1 a day (virtual pound) to spend in the tuck shop. A price list, was available each day for all the treats and fruits. The children then had to work out a combination of treats they were allowed to have for their £1.
The tuck shop not only helped with the healthy eating aspect of the children but also helped with their maths skills.
You do not need photographs or videos…
…to tell us what you have been up to. Just write a small description of the activities you have been up to

Mason and Dylan Wilson

Mason and Dylan have been undertaking various fitness activities to keep healthy while the have been off school.

Jo Wicks and Just Dance are just two activities which have been helping them to keep busy.
Turning to technology they have been using Nintendo Switch to ride a horse, row a boat, march like a majorette and various other fitness activities.
They have also been incorporating various other curricular activities into their exercises such as time table trampolining. They are given a mathematical question and they have to bounce the answer.

Bethany Edwards

Bethany’s, Miss Smith’s Y6 Albatross, mum designed and made of an obstacle course for Bethany . Bethany had fun but the course shattered mum!

Bertie Rogerson

 Bertie, Bluebirds,did a sponsored 10k run in his back garden lfor his fitness challenge. The money raised went towards buying tunics for the NHS. Bertie has raised almost £200 to buy these much needed tunics. Bertie’s fundraising was featured in the Hull Daily Mail. To read more click on the following link.

Bertie’s 10km run

Mrs Briggs sent this video in of her daughters enjoying dancing, supervised, on Just Dance (Sony PlayStation) and on TikTok. It is good to see our pupils enjoying themselves while keeping fit.

Summer Kerrison

Summer Kerrison completing her fitness challenge by going through moves in her ballet routine. Also Summer was praciting her technique on the trampoline.

Our Healthy Bodies/Healthy Minds Crusade:

Our headteacher embarked on a 1,250 mile bike challenge to raise awareness of the increasing concerns over children’s health in today’s society…… Children’s health is increasingly at risk: National data show….. high rates of child obesity….. high rates of poor oral health…high rates of diabetes, cancers, heart conditions. Exercise/keep fit levels consistently dropping, poor diet…. child anxiety, depression, mental health problems at an all-time high. He was joined on part of his journey by pupils (and parents/relatives) of St Andrew’s who cycled 10 mile stretches. However, due to the Coronavirus and the dedication of the NHS he has increased the mileage to 2,500miles. There is nothing more important than a child’s health. Good habits of healthy living can have long term benefits for the children we adore.      Love Your Body,                                                     Love Your Mind.

1250 Mile Bike Challenge – Week One

1250 Mile Bike Challenge – Week Two

Last Week’s Diary Entry

Half Marathon

On Easter Sunday, which was to be the end of the 1,250 Challenge, Mr Huckstep ran a half marathon (with a teddy bear on his back). Before the Coronavirus the half marathon was going to end with a final delivery to Acorn Ward at Hull Royal Infirmary, however, this had to be postponed. The delivery will now take place at a later date. To pay tribute to the incredible work that the NHS is performing in this crisis, the 1,250 miles has been extended to 2,500 miles.    

Nike Training Club

The England Supporters Club, in partnership with Nike have posted a link to the Nike Training Club App!

Training at home has never been so easy

‘The Rugby Football League, in partnership with the national social care charity, Community Integrated Care, and Leeds Rhinos Foundation have launched the #ActiveAtHome initiative, for everyone to keep active during this difficult time.

The #ActiveAtHome project is designed to help everyone keep active and improve their health and fitness in a safe environment during the current climate. The new initiative is inclusive to all so anyone can join in no matter what current level of fitness you may have.’ (Rugby Football League, 2020).

More information and free online resources can be found on www.rugby-league.com/active_at_home or by clicking on the links provided (Rugby League page open in a separate window).


Calling all living-room lungers and garden joggers!

While we can’t be together physically, as England fans we can still come together and train as one, to win as a team. Keep season fit by training at home with the Nike Training Club App – the personal trainer everyone wants, always there for you. Discover the workouts and training plans expertly designed by Nike Trainers to keep you fit and healthy. Turn staying in into your at-home advantage!

Alfie Newman’s Magic Triangle Using a Magic triangle made of cones or any other objects, you do a bounce kick with a football. Continue to bounce kick the ball  moving round the triangle, however the ball must stay within the magic triangle. How many can you do? Alfie’s highest is 3, his mum is 1 and his granddad got 2. here is my video Alfie Newman x


Isobelle-Hall shared this video as she trained to be a photo double for Sylvester Stallone in the Rocky films! Isobelle’s training partner guest appearing in this video was Isobelle’s dad. However, even though she loves it she reported that she had “achey arms” the next morning.    

Ryan Duncalf

Ryan Duncalf has been keeping up with his exercise daily! Ryan’s mum sent this picture of Ryan practising boxing.
Although, his boxing opponent might be a little soft!

Alfie Newman

Alfie Newman shows his skills and strength off at eating while doing press ups.

Oscar Baggaley

Oscar Baggaley, with his mum and dad were ‘original and silly’ by having a indoor snowball fight with their own indoor snowballs. All were absolutely shattered after 15 minutes, but had lots and lots of giggles!

For Alfie’s challenge he designed a fitness routine that he completed dressed as a super hero. He also designed a new  challenge for Mr Huckstep, that he has to undertake dressed as a super hero . Alfie really enjoyed making the video and had lots of laughs in the process. He also wrote his exercises down just in case Mr Huckstep need them.

Mr Huckstep replied “I accept all his challenges (but I don’t put them on video)…he is keeping me mega fit. It’s like having my own personal trainer!”

Alfie Newman

Alfie Newman (Left) competing on his own home made Assault Course. He makes a different assault course each day,  which does  3 times a day then on Friday he gets to make one for  his parents using all his equipment that he has used throughout the week.      

Eva Rolfe

Eva Rolfe (Right) competing on her fantastic home made  garden assault course. Who says you only get wet on Mr Huckstep’s assault course!

Alfie Newman

Alfie doing a press-up challenge with one hand on a rugby ball.  

Falcon’s Obstacle Course

Falcon’s class was set a task to design to design an obstacle course then send in a video, photographs or diagrams with instructions that others may be able to use. The ideas of this challenge was to keep pupils active while breaking the boredom while pupils were at home. By building an obstacle course (indoor or out in the garden) pupils will become more active. The obstacle course doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. It can be in a backyard, or in a small garden if you have one. If you’ve got neither,  any room in the house can be used.


Lucas Smirk

Lucas Smirk’s Obstacle Course

Charlotte Bowness

Charlotte has designed a obstacle course for her keep fit challenge. Charlotte explains each stage of the course in her video that she has made.

Luke Foster Obstacle Course

Like has drawn a diagram of his Obstacle Course.

Neve Dennett

Neve Dennett (nursery class) has been obsessed with her bunny hopper that her daddy had got for her.

Nave took part in bunny hop races around the garden with her parents. While bouncing to the beat of music from the family’s Alexa, Neve was burning lots of energy and getting hes daily exercise.

Jay and Ellie Parker

Jay and Ellie using a pogo stick as a different way of keeping fit.
The challenge is to beat their score from the previous day.
When these photographs were taken Jay had manged 22 and then 35 the next day. Ellie had managed to get 2 the first day and then 6 the next day.
Keep up the good work.
Last week the challenge was with a skipping rope.

Ellie Parker

Jay Parker

Max Bovill

Max Bovill, Y3, is enjoying his burpees so much he’s singing along as he completes them.

Jessica Fenton

Jessica Fenton enjoying a home made game of dodgeball.

7 Minute Workout

This 7 minute animal workout was original set for her class (Swans) before it was shared to the whole school.

Amelia Raettig

Amelia Raettig enjoying keeping fit with her ankle skip ball.

Fun Activities You Can do At Home

Fun activities to keep you children fit and healthy at home.

 Sophia Walpole

As an alternative to Jo Wicks’ workout the Swallows were given a super daily challenge , incorporating a repeating action workout by Mrs Butler. This is an ideal way for younger children to stay fit and also incorporate their maths learning. This video is of  Sophia Walpole enjoying her workout.

Alfie Newman

Alfie Newman(Y2) is really into creating exercise ideas. He as sent in his morning exercise plan which he does everyday. He has even managed to get his mum and other family members to join in with him! Alfie really enjoys being the coach and even makes them redo the exercises if they don’t do them correctly. Alfie is keeping up with his rugby and football training because he loves his sports. He is so dedicated and his mum says “keeping up with his training is helping to keep his anxiety levels low”.

Miss Cook ‘s Hummingbird’s class decided to take part in some  fun exercise challenge.
The aim of the mini challenges was to encourage patience and perseverance, don’t give up!
  This video shows three challenges, 10 football taps or more, 10 skips or more and right arm throw, left arm throw.   Taking on this challenge were Jessica Fenton (Y4) and  her brother Jack Fenton.

Isobelle Hall and Gracie Hall

This dance routine is performed by Isobelle Hall Y1 LB and Gracie Hall Y5 SL. The video is best watched in the dark.

Scarlet Phillip’s

Grace Chaytor

Grace Chaytor Y1 LB  participating in a keep fit obstacle course that she has made herself. Grace  has been working hard making a map for her friend to go and find treasure for her daily exercise.

Alfie Newman

Bella and Pixie Thompson

Sonny Houghton

Isabella Clarke

Ben Clark

Ben, Woodpeckers, has been going out on his bike daily  for his fitness challenge. It’s a great way to keep fit.

Jump Action Photographs

Mrs Parker challenged her class to send in photographs of themselves in a mid jump action shot while they were keeping fit. The children really enjoy this challenge and Mrs Parker received a great deal of fun photographs from it.

Riley Cundill

Riley Cundill, year 1, was  exercising on trampoline when these photographs were taken.
Whilst, bouncing on the trampoline, he enjoys trying to jump over and dodge the footballs.
His heart rate increases even though he doesn’t realise he is exercising.
It is just a game that he is enjoying playing.

Lily Phillips

Lily Klopocka

Lily Klopocka having fun keeping fit on her trampoline.

Scarlet & Sienna Phillip

Scarlet & Sienna Phillip’s year 6 & Nursery having a crazy time keeping fit on a bouncy castle.

Hollie Smedley

A photograph montage of Hollie Smedley’s keeping fit while enjoying her fitness challenge. These exciting learning activities help Hollie to keep fit while learning her numbers and letters at the same time.

Lily Phillips

Lily (reception) has been practising swing-ball as a way of keeping active while practising hand/ eye coordination.
The following link takes you to a web page with a number of links to resources. These resources will help you keep fit and keep your mind healthy.