Design Technology


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Through a variety of creative and practical activities, children are taught the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in the process of designing and making. Through exploration, performing practical tasks and evaluating, the pupils will gain necessary skills. These skills will help them to be successful in a technological world.

Pupils will be taught how to cook and the importance of a healthy diet. Cooking is an important life skill that enables the pupils to feed themselves and prepares them for life.

The pupils will work in a range of contexts and gain confidence in themselves. Pupil’s can be supported at home by being encouraged to develop their cooking skills. They also need to be encouraged to talk about healthy food and have an understanding of where food comes from.

View the DT long term plans for each year group below:

Going For Gold!

To be Gold in DT:

  • Choose tools and materials independently and give suitable/creative reasons.
  • Critically review their own work and that of others.
  • Design and create a purposeful product.
  • Show an understanding of computing in their product.
  • Show an understanding of cooking skills beyond his/her year group skills.



Problem Solving!


  • I can investigate: drawing, collage, textiles, printing, collage, photography.
  • I can experiment in ways of framing images.
  • I can use tools and techniques.
  • I can experiment with different materials to create an image.
  • I can generate ideas for my work.
  • I can combine colour, pattern, texture, line, tone, shade and shape to suit a purpose.
  • I work out which visual information I need and combine this with other information.
  • I can use research to create a piece of work.
  • I can use mental calculations and problem solving to create a piece of work in Art or DT.
  • I can plan, test, review and modify.



DT Updates


When there’s wind make wind spinners!

Today the children created wind spinners using their cutting skills to cut out a circle and follow the lines inside to create a spiral shape. We encouraged using good maths vocabularly to describe the shape and sizes. The children then decorated thier cretions before we went outside to see how they moved in the... read more

Chocolate Apples…yum…yum

Chocolate Apples for everyone! We have been learning about healthy foods and we know that eating apples are good for us becuase they are a fruit. Chocolate is ok as a treat and we used chocolate to melt and cover on our tasty apples. We talked about the way the chocolate melts when it gets hot and it drips on the apple. We took home our lovely treats. We also remembered to brush our teeth after eating... read more

1,2,3 Playdoh Baking

Today we looked at combining the different ingredients that we needed to measure out to make our playdoh. We took turns adding and measure the ingredients, following the receipe. We helped to mix and kneed the mixture to make our own playdoh. The children noticed how the powder in the flour changed into playdoh when we added all the oil and water together with the salt and bicarbonate. We talked about how we could make it even better next time and the children suggested: adding colours, glitter,... read more

Chinese New Year

The Year of the Pig -2019 In Reception, we have been excited to learn about Chinese New Year. We listened to the story and talked about the traditions in the Chinese culture, exploring lantern making, food tasting and dragon design. It was wonderful to compare the celebrations with events such as New Year and  Christmas which many of the children had recently experienced. We look forward to talking about other cultural events and traditions in our community throughout the rest of the year. We practised using Chinese chopsticks to eat our Chinese food items. We used card, tissue paper and ticks to create our... read more

Year 6 Yule Log Extravaganza 2018

This year’s Yule log event was a massive success with a fantastic turnout from families helping their children create some wonderful Yule log designs. The hall was filled with busy decorating and chocolate covered spatulas but the results as you can see show how some excellently creative ideas. The children from around the school were given a chance to feast their eyes on the finished designs and everyone had their favourite. Here are a selection of the wonderful log creations:               We hope you enjoyed the festive log decorating and Merry Christmas to all!  ... read more


Autumn 2018- children in the Department of Excellence have been busy combining DT, English and Music. Year 3- Have created instruments and evaluated how successful they are. Year 4/5- Children had a class vote and selected their favourite song to appraise. Here are some excellent examples of what children can hear and what their opinions are of the... read more

Project Genesis

The Genesis Project is a school wide initiative that encourages children to see the beauty in the world around them and to remind them that it is theirs to share, respect and enjoy. The Project was split into two parts: Part 1 – Children were encouraged to share an idea that to help look after the world. In less than 30 words, children puts these ideas in many forms, letters, statements, poems. These ideas and creative suggestions have now been sent to embassies all over the world including: Russia, China, USA, and a selection of European and African countries worldwide. We look forward to hearing back from the officials at the Embassies. Here is a selection of the ideas: Part 2 – Design Project We asked each family to think about how they care for the world. Each family was challenged to create a design to logo similar to the ‘Keep Britain Tidy Logo’ that will reflect our aim to show how we can ‘Save our World’. Examples of some of the fantastic art work: The Christian belief that God has created a beautiful world for all to share and respect is important to the St Andrew’s School community. Our world is a place of diversity in all its many forms and we cherish it. We look forward in hearing back from the embassies who we contacted and will be taking part in more challenges to highlight our desire to improve and protect the wonderful world we live... read more

MFL Day Friday 14th September 2018

This term Reception have been learning all about Italy. During dazzle, the children enjoyed  making pizza and practising counting to ten in Italian. Over the next term, the children will be taking a tour of Italy making and trying different famous Italian dishes whilst learning about what it is like to live in... read more

Dazzle Delights!

Dazzle is a fun time at the end of the week when we try something new or practise something exciting. Here are some of the exciting Dazzle activities we have done so far: Balance beam PE problem Solving: Creating our own balance course. The children noticed that that the blocks could be moved to creating different letters and they worked together to build and test the different letter courses that they could make. They used their arms to keep balance. We are all special and unique! We have been looking at the story of Elmer the elephant. Elmer was a unique patchwork coloured elephant. We are also unique and we explored the different colours we created by mixing them to create our own unique sponge printed elephants. We talked about how we all have different likes and dislikes and that many of us have things that we are good at. Elmer’s super power was the ability to make people happy. We shared what we thought was our super powers and decorated super hero masks.         Pizza Making : The county we have been learning about this term is Italy. Children have been encouraged to use the reply Ciao! when replying to the register and we have made some super yummy pizza.  ... read more

French Fantastic

In Reception, we have been exploring French through language and culture. For our medieval topic we compared the different styles of British and French castles. We found out about the different 3D shapes that were used and the features of castles. As an enterprise (den) project we created our very own castles using our enterprise skills of : Communication Teamwork Problem solving Creativity Here are some of the fantastic castles that we have made: Reception Castles... read more