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Through a variety of creative and practical activities, children are taught the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in the process of designing and making. Through exploration, performing practical tasks and evaluating, the pupils will gain necessary skills. These skills will help them to be successful in a technological world.

Pupils will be taught how to cook and the importance of a healthy diet. Cooking is an important life skill that enables the pupils to feed themselves and prepares them for life.

The pupils will work in a range of contexts and gain confidence in themselves. Pupil’s can be supported at home by being encouraged to develop their cooking skills. They also need to be encouraged to talk about healthy food and have an understanding of where food comes from.

View the DT long term plans for each year group below:

Going For Gold!

To be Gold in DT:

  • Choose tools and materials independently and give suitable/creative reasons.
  • Critically review their own work and that of others.
  • Design and create a purposeful product.
  • Show an understanding of computing in their product.
  • Show an understanding of cooking skills beyond his/her year group skills.



Problem Solving!


  • I can investigate: drawing, collage, textiles, printing, collage, photography.
  • I can experiment in ways of framing images.
  • I can use tools and techniques.
  • I can experiment with different materials to create an image.
  • I can generate ideas for my work.
  • I can combine colour, pattern, texture, line, tone, shade and shape to suit a purpose.
  • I work out which visual information I need and combine this with other information.
  • I can use research to create a piece of work.
  • I can use mental calculations and problem solving to create a piece of work in Art or DT.
  • I can plan, test, review and modify.



DT Updates


Family Challenge DT Homework

Family Challenge (DT Homework) As always the DT Family Challenge homework was a huge success. The challenge was for each family to build a boat. The boat had to be able to float. The challenge also linked to Hull’s City of Culture celebrations. Each family used a range of DT/Science skills such as planning, measuring, calculating, testing and evaluating. Every child had the opportunity to float the boat that they had... read more

Year 2 Cookery

Cooking is an integral part of the DT curriculum. In Year 2, the pupils have been learning how to prepare fruit and vegetables. The have learnt how to chop, slice, grate and peel. These are very important basic skills that need to be mastered before moving to the next... read more

Strawberry Milkshakes – Enterprise

After harvesting the strawberries from our school allotment, the children in Year 6 decided to make strawberry milkshakes. They washed and blended the strawberries, created an advertising leaflet and worked out their costings. The milkshakes were sold on the playground at home time and proved to be very popular. We then linked this to our science work by carrying out an investigation to find out how to preserve... read more

Easter Eggs!

A collection of photos from our Easter Egg display! The work the children have produced is ‘egg-ceptional’!!! A big thank you to all the help from home the children received. Easter is a special time in our school calendar and seeing this work has shown that our children understand the importance of this Holy... read more

Christmas Cards!

This week, the children of St Andrew’s have created Christmas Cards to send to local care homes and charities to wish our local community a Merry Christmas!

read more