In this period of the school year children learn about the meaning of Christmas through the nativity story. It is a story that many of us know inside out is recounted and acted out by thousands of school children each year.

The nativity story is important to children at St. Andrews who enjoy performing the nativity to a watching audience. As well as, developing their memory skills and gaining confidence by performing in front of their peers, pupils development increase in key essential learning skills.

Activities are happening daily at St Andrews in this extremely busy period, so return regularly to view updates as they are posted.

Year 6 Annual Chocolate Log Competition

One of the most highly anticipated events in St. Andrew’s C.E. primary school calendar, the year 6 chocolate log competition, once again produced an excellent turn out.

Once again there was not a free space left as the teams filled into the hall for the start time. The event allowed children and their parents, grandparents or additional family members to create a breath-taking chocolate log by working together. The year 6 children learned and used variety skills in the creation of their chocolate log.

It was wonderful to see the teamwork that formed as a result of their creative design being transformed into an astonishing chocolate log.

The only disappointing element was that these incredible chocolate logs were going to be eaten!

St Andrew’s catering  staff who judged the competition anonymously selected the following winners,

Henry Kirby;        Kitty Thomas;     Alfie Dunn;     Bethany Edwards;

Robert Hare;        Oliver Barrass;    Sam Sandy;     Axel Nicholson;

Once again thank you to everybody who took part and well done to the winners.

Nursery Sing-a-Long

This week saw the nursery children come together for their annual Christmas Sing-a-Long.  There was a great attendance of proud parents who came to see their children demonstrate to the rest of the school on how to sing.


Working closely with Jst 4 Kidz/Totz, to enable the opposite half day nursery class to participate in the sing along, all the children had a wonderful and enjoyable time.

Christmas Card Design Challenge

Our annual Christmas card challenge has been a wonderful success with wonderful designs and messages.

As always we have 100% completion and the care and effect shows the real community spirit at St.Andrews.

Cards are in the process of being sent to individuals, care homes and hospitals to send a real Christmas cheer.