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Year 4s disembarking at Gold

The Year 4 children have had a busy time locating and studying different settlements in Britain. They then expanded on this by using their computing skills to research the physical features in the area and how they impacted on the lives of the settlers. Well done Year... read more

Landing at Gold with Shakespeare.

During their topic of Shakespeare, Year 5 have researched and located the counties and rivers surrounding Shakespeare’s place of birth. They have then provided a map and the grid reference of key places in Shakespeare’s life. So if you’re interested in visiting Stratford-Upon-Avon it is worth checking with the Year 5. They know where to go! Joined up learning included geography, history, English and maths. Brilliant work Year... read more

Year 1 Arriving at Gold

Another Gold standard example of work from Year 1. The children have been expanding their knowledge of the British Isles and developing their higher level skills by locating all 4 countries, seas and also the capital cities. Brillaint work Year 1. read more

Destination: Gold

Here is an awesome and informative example of working towards gold from the Year 6s. This research topic is all about North America, our theme for the Geography Focus Day. Just like a professional travel brochure, it contains both human features (Disney Land) and physical features (The Rocky Mountains) that people may want to visit. There is also clearly labelled maps to show us where we can find North America. Brilliant research Year... read more

Learning Maths through PE

The children in Year one have been developing their Maths skills through PE.  The children had to count how many times their friend could bounce and catch a ball, hop, skip and jump. They then recorded their... read more

PE Day

The children In Year 5 designed and made their own sports games. They used a range of skills such as problem solving, teamwork, negotiating and creative thinking. The children in Year 1 completed Mini Olympic activities. This is a photograph of them trying out the shot put. The Children in Year 3 worked with our school’s sports coach completing a range of sporting activities. They linked in Maths to count their heart rate.   The Reception Children worked with our Dance coach, copying simple dance... read more

Problem Solving with History

Children took part in a fun problem solving treasure hunt linked to learning about Roman numerals in an outdoor maths lesson. They worked in teams to find as many answers as they could to the problems... read more

Gymnastics in Year 1

The children in Year 1 have been having lots of fun, learning how to balance using different body parts. They have used a variety of skills such as problem solving, self evaluation and... read more

Art Day ( 21/9/17)

Art Day The pupils throughout the school took part in a wide selection of Art activities. These included painting, collage, pastels, sketching and computing. Many activities were cross curricular and some had a defined skill based objective for example infilling, sketching and printing. Both outdoor and indoor areas were used as well as our new Art and Design room (The Creative Corner). Year 3 Pastel Art Year 3 Pastel Art Year 2 English and Art Year 5 Sketching Year 5 Sketching Year 1 Collage Computer... read more

Family Challenge DT Homework

Family Challenge (DT Homework) As always the DT Family Challenge homework was a huge success. The challenge was for each family to build a boat. The boat had to be able to float. The challenge also linked to Hull’s City of Culture celebrations. Each family used a range of DT/Science skills such as planning, measuring, calculating, testing and evaluating. Every child had the opportunity to float the boat that they had... read more

Magnificent Music Notation!

  As part of our exciting, music curriculum, the children have been exploring music notation. There have been an array of activities: the children in Year 5 and 6 participated in a Music Notation challenge and using the internet, completed their own research; Year 4 explored the notes G,A and B on the treble clef and displayed this on the stave accurately; Year 3 explored the duration of notes and Year 1/2 explored pulse and rhythm through different nursery rhymes. Year 5/6 Music Notation Challenge Poster Example Year 5/6 Music Notation Challenge Poster Example Year 6 Created their own composition Year 4 Looked at note values on the stave. Year 3 identified the duration of notes. Year 2 distinguished between pulse and... read more

Harvest Festival

At harvest time we are thankful for the gifts that we have been given and donate generously to charities who support those who are needy in our community. Our parents have once again been so very generous on our behalf with a wonderful selection of harvest gifts.

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Science Trips

Children across the school were involved in planning their own school trips linked to our Book Of Numbers Enterprise Project. This involved using skills to research possible locations, planning the journey, financial management (including value for money, costing up different options etc), debate and voting on their choice. Nursery and Reception visited Piglet Farm Year 1 and Year 4 visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park Year 2 visited The Deep aquarium Year 3 visited Tropical World Year 6 visited Scarborough Sealife Centre and the beach Year 2 at The Deep Year 6 at Scarborough Year 6 at Scarborough Sealife Centre Petting zone petting bird Feeding the... read more

Science Visitor

Mike Cargill from UK STEM came to work with our Year 3 children in order to promote science, technology, engineering and maths in the primary school. The children enjoyed participating in an ice investigation linked to the Polar Explorer Project. Our science visitor Which will melt the quickest? Does heat speed up the melting? Can you make your ice cube melt the fastest? Nearly gone! We’re... read more

Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival Display this year again showed the brilliant support from our fantastic parents and families. The “Family of St. Andrew’s ” shone through. We celebrated with a Year 6 class worship and the pupils learnt about why this festival is important. These gifts were distributed to local, regional an international... read more

Year 2 Cookery

Cooking is an integral part of the DT curriculum. In Year 2, the pupils have been learning how to prepare fruit and vegetables. The have learnt how to chop, slice, grate and peel. These are very important basic skills that need to be mastered before moving to the next... read more

Computing with Problem Solving

In year 2, the children have been using the bee-bots and ‘fake-bots’. They have been using the bee-bots to help with their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Through various challenges the children have been learning how to direct the bee-bots around a variety of routes, helping them to develop an understanding of the programming language. The children have then had to use their problem solving skills when making mistakes to debug their route and correct... read more

Problem Solving In Science

As well as developing our science skills we try to enhance our problem solving abilities too. Here Year 6 are using circuits to solve problems such as how can you make a motor spin more slowly? Can you make a buzzer louder?   Year 5 pupils were set the challenge of separating a mixture of water, sand, a marble and a paper clip. They were given a selection of equipment and had to work out for themselves how it could be done.... read more

Strawberry Milkshakes – Enterprise

After harvesting the strawberries from our school allotment, the children in Year 6 decided to make strawberry milkshakes. They washed and blended the strawberries, created an advertising leaflet and worked out their costings. The milkshakes were sold on the playground at home time and proved to be very popular. We then linked this to our science work by carrying out an investigation to find out how to preserve... read more

Going for Gold In Football

KS2 children in Football have been developing their technical, social, physical and psychological skills. They have also been learning rules and different roles in football such as linesmen and... read more

Easter Eggs!

A collection of photos from our Easter Egg display! The work the children have produced is ‘egg-ceptional’!!! A big thank you to all the help from home the children received. Easter is a special time in our school calendar and seeing this work has shown that our children understand the importance of this Holy... read more

Space Day

One of our science days was linked to space, to tie in with the British astronaut’s (Tim Peake) mission to the International Space Station.

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Christmas Cards!

This week, the children of St Andrew’s have created Christmas Cards to send to local care homes and charities to wish our local community a Merry Christmas!

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Year 4 had an interesting visit from Katie, who works for the Hull Library Service.

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How many triangles?

  Ben, Susan and Jamie look at this diagram. Ben says he can see 11 triangles. Susan sees 12 triangles. Jamie thinks there are 13 triangles. Are any of the children correct? You’ll need to be able to explain your answer to convince me. read more

Come On You Hull!

St. Andrew’s CE Primary School would like to congratulate Hull FC on their Wembley victory today! Well done, lads! We promise that Mr Huckstep won’t mention it too much.

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