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February 2020

Two weeks of Raywell – The Y3 and Y5 kids have been wonderful.                 I hope they treasure their memories of the Raywell  experience. Unusual,          character building,    challenging, fun, exciting but above all… just letting kids be... read more

Y5 Raywell Group 2 Day 2

A good night’s sleep followed by early morning exercises. Weather wet but a lot calmer so we took the opportunity and went hiking straight after breakfast!    The team have really bonded. Children in both groups this week tell me they have been looking forward to the Raywell experience ‘for months.’    Disco/Party means plenty of rockin’ and rollin’.    St. Andrews Kids – The... read more

Y5 Change Over Day

Group 1 return home. Welcome Group 2. Both groups embraced as if they had not seen each other for years!! As Group 1 departed, Group 2 were straight into their activities – sprints, Piggy backing, rolling down Raywell hill. Quizzes, Raywell raps, model structures, catwalk fashion! Good fun! Kids already excited about tomorrows muddy hike (I’m sure our St.Andrew’s children are crazy!) Best photographs of the day at... read more

Y5 Raywell Group 1 Day 2

A crazy very stormy night. Most kids slept through the high wind. Weather very changeable during the day – rain, wind, calm spells, bright sunshine at times and a snow blizzard!   We shortened the hike considerable but still a mud challenge!    Some kiddies comments really showing their enjoyment – ‘Can we stay all week?’ ‘Can we come back again next week?’ Its great to see children get together as a super team.    Best photographs of the day at Raywell.... read more

Y5 Raywell Group 1 Day 1

The day after the storm!    Still windy but bearable. Children well prepared. Group 1 seem to be a good team- encouraging each other doing exercises and the sprints.   Great fun rolling down the Raywell hill and piggy backs.        Kite flying – great in the windy weather. Here’s hoping for a good nights sleep!!   Best photographs of the day at... read more

Y3 Raywell Group 2 Day 2

Fog! Friday started with Raywell shrouded in deep, thick mist.                                         But our crazy kids soon lit the place up with their beaming faces. By lunchtime the sun was shining beautifully.     Our hike have almost become legendary – the sheer joy of our children being outside, facing the challenge of a hike, loving the mud… and… loving being scallywags! Another great group… -o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o Next week Y5! All day and all night at... read more

Y3 Raywell Group 2 Day 1

A beautiful, beautiful day – frosty but lovely sunshine. Children so excited. One child commented during activities: ‘This is better than playing video games!’ Brilliant! Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds! Well done kids – remember to be well prepared for tomorrow... read more

Y3 Raywell Group 1 Day 2

Just as crazy as Day 1. What a lovely group of scallywags.         The hike challenge was on!         Did we find any mud? – Oh Yes! Lots and lots. They loved it!! Kids being kids – it really is a joy to see their smiley, cheeky faces enjoy such a crazy time. Well done children. Group 2 – be ready for your... read more

Y3 Raywell – Group 1 Day 1

Sunny! but still muddy. What a  lovely group of kids – sprinting, piggy backing, team challenges with hula hoops – all sorts of good healthy fun.             Children even checking their own packed lunch to make sure they have water only – great! One kiddie showed pride in telling me ‘ Remember Mr Huckstep – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, WOW! Well done kids. Day two tomorrow – be ready for the hike! Parents be ready for the dirty clothes!!! (Sorry!)                                                   ... read more

William Shakespeare

To celebrate the approaching  Shakespeare Week the  organisers, The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, have launched a Shakespeare portrait competition for 2020’s with an Art and Design theme. Primary school children aged 11 and under to create their very own portrait of William Shakespeare for a chance to win fabulous prizes! The winning child’s artwork being exhibited at The Lowry, in Greater Manchester. Pupils at St.Andrew’s Primary School in their art lesson have been creating their own portraits for the competition. The competition enable pupils to use their skills and knowledge that they have learned in their art lessons to create their own work of art. Pupils were also able to learn extra skills to complete the task to a high level. An essential part of the Art curriculum states that pupils are equipped with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art. Pupils were also taught the history of William Shakespeare and the effect he had on the history of our country.  Having a high-quality history education will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past. This links in well to the history curriculum. A selection of these portraits from each year group are shown below. Year 2          Year 3       Year 4      Year 5           Year 6           Children have until 31 January 2020 to enter their artwork. Full details are available on the Shakespeare Week... read more


Today saw Miss Taylor’s Year 5 class learning about about planets in our Solar System. An essential part of their learning involved the making of a piece of artwork showing the order from the sun. The order of the planets from closest to the Sun outwards is; Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.  ... read more

New Year Visit to St. Andrew Sutton Park Church

The whole of St. Andrew’s C.E. Primary School today visited St.Andrew Sutton Park Church for our New Year service led by Reverend Chris to welcome in the new year. It was a time to reflect and celebrate last year, Epiphany and the Year ahead.   The walk to the church also link to our Healthy Living Crusade.  Sometimes overlooked as a form of exercise, walking briskly can help you build stamina, burn excess calories and make your heart healthier.... read more

Charity Donation Gift for Reception

On Children in Need Day, we were super excited to be visited by Nicky West from New Options Ltd – speech and language therapy. She donation an array of lovely learning toys and resources for the Reception classes to share and the children were delighted with them. We thank her so much for her kind... read more

Fire Investigation Dogs

Two fire investigation dogs and their respective handlers visited our school to demonstrate a fragment of their role in the fire brigade. Their handlers explained further roles the fire investigation dogs have in the brigade and how important it is for each family to have a fire escape... read more

The Deep

The visit to The Deep allowed Year Two children to inspire in various curriculum subjects while enjoying their time exploring this spectacular aquarium. Art and Design allows pupils to explore their ideas,recording their experiences by producing creative work. English allows pupils to communicate their ideas and emotions to others. Pupils first-hand experiences of science while exploring The Deep provides the pupils with a foundation for understanding the world. The Deep allows pupils to gain a curiosity and fascination about the world which links to... read more

Year 6 PE Racket Activities

Year 6 was participating in indoor physical education activities that will help develop their flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance linked to the national curriculum. Pupils develop a broader range of skills by playing indoor competitive games, (badminton, table tennis and bouncing ball) which allow pupils to apply basic principles that are suitable for attacking and... read more

PE and Problem Solving

The Pelican class using their problem solving skills within PE. The children had to use team work and effective communication in order to be the first team to reach the other side of the hall transporting all the equipment and ensuring all team members made it to the... read more

When there’s wind make wind spinners!

Today the children created wind spinners using their cutting skills to cut out a circle and follow the lines inside to create a spiral shape. We encouraged using good maths vocabularly to describe the shape and sizes. The children then decorated thier cretions before we went outside to see how they moved in the... read more

Chocolate Apples…yum…yum

Chocolate Apples for everyone! We have been learning about healthy foods and we know that eating apples are good for us becuase they are a fruit. Chocolate is ok as a treat and we used chocolate to melt and cover on our tasty apples. We talked about the way the chocolate melts when it gets hot and it drips on the apple. We took home our lovely treats. We also remembered to brush our teeth after eating... read more

We love Technology

Children have enjoyed using a variety of technology in our Nursery setting. The chilren are building up their confidence in navigating simple age appropriate apps on the Ipad and can enter the password indpendently. They interact with the flat screen to help learn their letter sounds using the Letterland phonics program. We also record our learning using the camera function on the IPads. We have also completed an investigation at home to learn about how we use different technology at home and at school.    We love... read more

My Favourite Colour

Look at how we make the colours change! as we mix them together! ” Green is my favourite colour, I didn’t know you needed yellow and blue!” We wored hard at mixing the colour one at a time to see how they changed like magic into different colours. We like learning about different colours and we talked about which colours were our favourites!... read more

Shake, rattle, listen and play.

We have been exploring the musical instruments, listening out for the different sounds they make. We testing what sounds the made when we shook, tapped and moved them from side to side.  Some of them make a loud sound and some are quieter. We like to explore how we can make different sounds with the... read more

1,2,3 Playdoh Baking

Today we looked at combining the different ingredients that we needed to measure out to make our playdoh. We took turns adding and measure the ingredients, following the receipe. We helped to mix and kneed the mixture to make our own playdoh. The children noticed how the powder in the flour changed into playdoh when we added all the oil and water together with the salt and bicarbonate. We talked about how we could make it even better next time and the children suggested: adding colours, glitter,... read more

Numicon Number Fun!

We love using Numicon to help learn numbers and count to 10. Here we practised counting the holes in the Numicon shapes by filling them with rocks as we counted outloud. We talked about which number was more. We practised recognising the numbers on the log discs and matched these to the Numicon shapes: We tried to order the Numicon pieces from 5 to 10 and covered the holes with moveables to help count:... read more

Remembrance and Peace

To commermorate the 100 year anniversary of World War 1, St Andrew’s School has taken part in a variety of activities to remember the immense sacrifice and duty of those and we reflected on hope and peace in our future. Here are a selection of the wonderful displays and acitivities throughout the school: Parents taking time with thier children   Creating individualised cookie and biscuit decorations to show rememberance:... read more

Outdoor 2D and 3D Shape Hunt

Today we have been outside on a 3d and 2d shape hunt. We used lots of maths vocabulary to describe the shapes we could see. See if you can see which photo shows us finding a semicircle, cylinder, cone, circle, cuboid, rectangle in the images below: “This cone has a point and it is 3D!”... read more

Chinese New Year

The Year of the Pig -2019 In Reception, we have been excited to learn about Chinese New Year. We listened to the story and talked about the traditions in the Chinese culture, exploring lantern making, food tasting and dragon design. It was wonderful to compare the celebrations with events such as New Year and  Christmas which many of the children had recently experienced. We look forward to talking about other cultural events and traditions in our community throughout the rest of the year. We practised using Chinese chopsticks to eat our Chinese food items. We used card, tissue paper and ticks to create our... read more

Easter Egg Challenge 2019

‘Eggs’ellent Designs!  Every Year our whole school is challenged to create a unique Easter Egg creation. As you can see from the 100% returns from this challenge that is well supported and the children and families have worked super hard with their designs. This challenge is the start of our Easter season  and a big well done to everyone that took part, especially the winners from each... read more

Year 6 Yule Log Extravaganza 2018

This year’s Yule log event was a massive success with a fantastic turnout from families helping their children create some wonderful Yule log designs. The hall was filled with busy decorating and chocolate covered spatulas but the results as you can see show how some excellently creative ideas. The children from around the school were given a chance to feast their eyes on the finished designs and everyone had their favourite. Here are a selection of the wonderful log creations:               We hope you enjoyed the festive log decorating and Merry Christmas to all!  ... read more

MFL Countries Project Year 4

This term Year 4 have been learning all about Brazil. This week Miss Ramsey’s Class have been listening to Brazilian carnival music and writing a music appraisal. Annabelle said “The different instruments I could hear were Trumpet, Drum and Maracas. I liked it because it made me feel like I want to dance”.... read more


Autumn 2018- children in the Department of Excellence have been busy combining DT, English and Music. Year 3- Have created instruments and evaluated how successful they are. Year 4/5- Children had a class vote and selected their favourite song to appraise. Here are some excellent examples of what children can hear and what their opinions are of the... read more

Year 5 Bikeability

The Year 5 children received specialist training on how to ride their bikes safely. The first session took place on our school playground, then for the following sessions the groups moved to local streets to learn how to turn left and right at junctions.

read more

Vist from Jacob’s Well Charity

In line with the charitable donations collected by the school at Harvest, Year 3 and Year 4 were visited by The Jacob’s Well charity to find out more about where some of the charity donations will be going. They took part in some inspirational team building with the charity. Jacob’s Well VIsit Set up in 1982 by Dr Beryl Beynon  OBE, a doctor from Beverley, the charity aims to help people that are disadvantaged around the world. Their moto is ‘ Changing lives…One life at a time’ and the charity is currently raising funds for many projects including building a hospital in Burkina... read more

RE Day – The Big Frieze

As the RE curriculum changes, we have had the opportunity to delve into the new ‘ Understanding Christianity’ elements of the new forthcoming curriculum. To guide us through the big story of the Bible, Emma Yarlett was commissioned to create a large frieze to cover 7 of the core Christian concepts highlighted by the new documentation. The aim of the frieze is to give Biblical background to these concepts and hidden within the frieze are references to different Bible stories. Each year group was challenged to create a picture to represent one of these concepts, giving reference to key Bible stories. Deepening the understanding of the stories within the Bible, helps to give context and background to these key concepts which include: Creation, Salvation, God, People of God, Incarnation. For more information please... read more

Visits from Reverend Chris.

It feels as though Reverend Chris Van Straaten has been part of the school for a long time but in fact he has only joined us in the last couple of years. It has been wonderful to have him visit each year group throughout the year delivering class and year group worships both at school and our school church, St Andrew’s. We are very grateful for the vigour he delivers to the life of the school... read more

Year 3 Visit to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Year 3 Visit the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster Following on from the wonderful success of project Cecil and Project Genesis, the children in Year 3 visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to get up and close with some of the wild creatures at the park. The park is part of a series of wildlife conservation projects which fuelled their interest and passion about the world we live... read more

Project Genesis

The Genesis Project is a school wide initiative that encourages children to see the beauty in the world around them and to remind them that it is theirs to share, respect and enjoy. The Project was split into two parts: Part 1 – Children were encouraged to share an idea that to help look after the world. In less than 30 words, children puts these ideas in many forms, letters, statements, poems. These ideas and creative suggestions have now been sent to embassies all over the world including: Russia, China, USA, and a selection of European and African countries worldwide. We look forward to hearing back from the officials at the Embassies. Here is a selection of the ideas: Part 2 – Design Project We asked each family to think about how they care for the world. Each family was challenged to create a design to logo similar to the ‘Keep Britain Tidy Logo’ that will reflect our aim to show how we can ‘Save our World’. Examples of some of the fantastic art work: The Christian belief that God has created a beautiful world for all to share and respect is important to the St Andrew’s School community. Our world is a place of diversity in all its many forms and we cherish it. We look forward in hearing back from the embassies who we contacted and will be taking part in more challenges to highlight our desire to improve and protect the wonderful world we live... read more

MFL Day Friday 14th September 2018

This term Reception have been learning all about Italy. During dazzle, the children enjoyed  making pizza and practising counting to ten in Italian. Over the next term, the children will be taking a tour of Italy making and trying different famous Italian dishes whilst learning about what it is like to live in... read more

Autumn 2018

It has been a lovely start to the Reception year. Children have been exploring the Reception classrooms and the wonderful natural outside areas within the school. Here are some of the learning activities children have been engaged in: Exploring the changes in in the seasons We looked at the changes to the season and sang songs to recall how the weather changes during the seasons. We explored the outdoor area collecting the different coloured leaves that the wind had blown to the floor. We listened to the sounds outside and the crunch that the dry leaves made. We also used our skills to hear initial sounds in words and match the objects to the letter on the sorting tray.             We collected them and compared size and colour. We ordered them by size, counting the amount we have and saying what one more than the amount would be.       We completed hand and fingerprint trees to represent the different seasons for our Art Day challenge: Can you guess which tree represents which season?  ... read more

PE Day Autumn 2018

During PE day we have been learning about how to control the ball in football. We looked at different parts of the body and how we could use the inside or outside of our feet to kick the ball and the bottom of the foot to stop it. We worked as individuals to weave the ball carefully through the coloured dots, negotiating space carefully. We also used team work to pass the ball back and forth to each other.... read more

Dazzle Delights!

Dazzle is a fun time at the end of the week when we try something new or practise something exciting. Here are some of the exciting Dazzle activities we have done so far: Balance beam PE problem Solving: Creating our own balance course. The children noticed that that the blocks could be moved to creating different letters and they worked together to build and test the different letter courses that they could make. They used their arms to keep balance. We are all special and unique! We have been looking at the story of Elmer the elephant. Elmer was a unique patchwork coloured elephant. We are also unique and we explored the different colours we created by mixing them to create our own unique sponge printed elephants. We talked about how we all have different likes and dislikes and that many of us have things that we are good at. Elmer’s super power was the ability to make people happy. We shared what we thought was our super powers and decorated super hero masks.         Pizza Making : The county we have been learning about this term is Italy. Children have been encouraged to use the reply Ciao! when replying to the register and we have made some super yummy pizza.  ... read more

World Book Day in Reception

WORLD BOOK DAY! In Reception, we have been celebrating World Book Day. We love to talk about our favourite characters and the area was full of excitement as we shared our favourite books with each other. Sharing a good story is where friendship begins… Creating pasta necklaces for our princess characters.                 Exploring pirate ships.             Exploring settings.                Tracing our favourite characters.   ” Zog is a book I love reading, what’s yours?”... read more

French Fantastic

In Reception, we have been exploring French through language and culture. For our medieval topic we compared the different styles of British and French castles. We found out about the different 3D shapes that were used and the features of castles. As an enterprise (den) project we created our very own castles using our enterprise skills of : Communication Teamwork Problem solving Creativity Here are some of the fantastic castles that we have made: Reception Castles... read more

Guided Draw – Castle Watercolours

To launch the den making project, we started with a guided draw. The children each had a piece of paper and were giving simple line instructions, copying the lines that were drawn on the board. Step by step we discussed each line using good maths vocabulary of position, direction and the shape that it created. As the lines progressed on the pages children started to guess what our new project was: Castles! The children compared their creations with their friends, looking at the differences and uniqueness of their castle. We then worked with the medium of watercolours to infill the castles. This task helped to look at scale as well as design. Here are some of the watercolour castle masterpieces: Watercolour castles... read more

Global Awareness – Project Cecil: Saving Endangered Animals

Project Cecil The whole school has taken part in a project to research endangered animals as part of a whole school homework.  The homework was completed by everyone and included some wonderful pieces of research and art, in the form of T-shirt designs. Project Cecil is a charity to promote understanding and the protection of endangered animals world wide and was started by Lorna Good (a teacher in Ohio, Columbus,USA.) Her children have been involved in some wonderful enterprise work including campaign adverts, rock painting and creating t-shirts for sale across the world.  At St Andrew’s School, we understand our responsibilities as global citizens to look after the world that God has loaned to us. We have joined forces with the Project Cecil Network and are looking forward to entering some of our t shirt designs into the competition, the winners of which will be made into T shirts. We have displayed a selection of outstanding work in the Lower School Hall. The runners up for each phase are: Phase 1 – Thomas Burton (Nursery) Sam Ulyatt (Year 1) Phase 2 – Harley Hobson (Year 2) Super Research by Alfie Brown. Year 3 Phase 3 – Jay Johnson (Year 5) Kieran Hildyard (Year 6) The Winners of the T Shirt Design Competition are: Phase 1 – Fletcher Nolan (Reception) Phase 2 – Holly Fieldsend (Year 3) Phase 3 – Oliver Barrass (Year 4)   Well done for the wonderful creations and research which really showed off the quality of our cross curricular skills. The RE and Geography Team will be working on this project further and will keep you... read more

Science Career Day

Our children had a fantastic time on Science Day, finding out about different science careers. Our aim was to promote STEM subjects in primary school.

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Friday 9th March 2018 Reception French Assembly

Today a selection of children from Reception presented what they have been learning about France this term. They told the rest of the school several French facts including the capital city, French food, traditions and greetings. They then showed off the chateau’s they have made as part of our Traditional Tales topic and sang the days of the week in... read more

Chinese New Year Friday 16th February

Today to celebrate Chinese New Year the children enjoyed a special lunch of Noodles and Chinese curry. Throughout the day each class enjoyed a range of activities including dragon dancing, counting in Mandarin to 10, learning basic greetings, making paper lanterns and decorations.... read more

Computing Day!

Across the school, classes have been developing and improving their computing skills through the various activities going on during our computing day.

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Reception Gold Problem Solving

Children in Reception have been keen to show off their problem solving skills October: Problem Solving at the Fair Children considered volume and the size of the container to make an estimate of how many balls the jar contained. They wrote their guess on the clipboard along with their names. At the end of the week we counted the actual amount and compared the estimates to find the closest value. We used lots of comparative language and terms ‘fewer’ and... read more

French Lunch Day Friday 17th October 2017

Today the canteen was turned into a French Cafe. The children all enjoyed practising their French greetings and sampling French food. ” I like the French desserts the best” Reception Child   ” Its been fun to try food we haven’t had before and to see the Dinner Ladies dressed up” Year 2... read more

MFL Day Friday 27th October 2017

Year 6 Tongan poster Every year group has been challenged to research a different country from around the world and learn how to sing happy birthday in their country’s national language. The children then presented their findings to Mr Huckstep and the MFL team. All of the year groups have found out some fantastic facts including names of capital cities, points of interest and solving problems such as the cheapest method of travel to that country. The children in Year 6 decided to write a letter to the Tongan embassy to find out more information. They have since received a letter and book from the embassy in return. Several year groups have also made links to schools in their chosen country. Each class has now been given the challenge to develop more links with schools  across the... read more

Reception French Club 21.11.17

In French club we located France on a map and coloured in a picture of the French flag. We then discussed what we know about France including what food they eat and what words and phrases we have learnt since starting school.  We then practised basic greetings in french and  learnt the words to the French version of the nursery rhyme head, shoulders, knees and toes.   French Dictionary hello- bonjour my name is – je m’appelle goodbye – au revoir head – tête shoulders – épaules knees- genoux feet- pieds eyes– deuz yeux ears-deux oreilles mouth- une bouche nose- nez... read more

Year 4s disembarking at Gold

The Year 4 children have had a busy time locating and studying different settlements in Britain. They then expanded on this by using their computing skills to research the physical features in the area and how they impacted on the lives of the settlers. Well done Year... read more

Landing at Gold with Shakespeare.

During their topic of Shakespeare, Year 5 have researched and located the counties and rivers surrounding Shakespeare’s place of birth. They have then provided a map and the grid reference of key places in Shakespeare’s life. So if you’re interested in visiting Stratford-Upon-Avon it is worth checking with the Year 5. They know where to go! Joined up learning included geography, history, English and maths. Brilliant work Year... read more