Bishop of Hull Visit

During a RE lesson Mrs Parker’s Magpie children were surprised to discovered that, The Rt Revd Alison White, the Bishop of Hull was their class Governor. Each class has ‘adopted’ a Governor (in some cases more), to add immeasurably to Governors’ understanding of our school, its staff and pupils.

Expanding on their computing skills they sent an Email to the Rt Revd Alison White. The Computing  Curriculum ‘ensures that pupils become digital literate’. The learning of how to write an email in the right style also links to the English Curriculum.

The email that the children sent is shown below.

Email Sent

Hello, Good morning Bishop of Hull,

We are emailing you to introduce ourselves. We are the new Magpie class in Mrs Parker’s Year 3 class and we are very excited to find out that you are our class governor.

In our class there are 14 girls and 14 boys and we are the best class in the school! The reasons we think this are because we are really sensible, we try very hard with all of our work and we are all super kind.

Every Friday, for the child who has worked the hardest they are allowed to take home our class teddy, Wizard Mickey!  We also have the handwriting crown that is given out weekly for the neatest and most improved handwriting.

We would really like it if you could come in to visit us and spend some time with us? Hopefully, you will agree that we are the best class in the school! When are you available?

Hope you have enjoyed reading our email and we can’t wait to see you soon.

Love from

The Magpies xxx

The pupils were very surprised, that in the Bishop’s very busy schedule, that she was able to visit the school. The reply email is shown below.

Reply email

Dear Magpies

Bishop Alison was delighted to received your invitation and very much looks forward to visiting the school and spending some time with you and Mrs Parker.

She is also looking forward to meeting Wizard Mickey!

Mrs Parker will let Bishop Alison know roughly which part of a day she will be needed and then we can find a good date for the visit.

With all good wishes,


Ally Thomson

PA to the Bishop of Hull

IMG_3009 IMG_3007 IMG_3006 IMG_3005 IMG_3002 IMG_3001 IMG_3000 IMG_2997 IMG_2996 IMG_2995 IMG_2993

The Bishop of Hull although spending time with Mrs Parker’s was able to take a tour of St. Andrew’s School to see the fabulous work that was being done.

IMG_2991 IMG_2989 IMG_2988 IMG_2987 IMG_2986 IMG_2985 IMG_2984 IMG_2982 IMG_2981 IMG_2979 IMG_2978 IMG_2975 IMG_2974 IMG_2973 IMG_2972 IMG_2968 IMG_2967 IMG_2966 IMG_2962 IMG_2961 IMG_2960 IMG_2959 IMG_2957 IMG_2956 IMG_2955 IMG_2953 IMG_2952 IMG_2951 IMG_2950 IMG_2948 IMG_2947